Massa attacks Kuhl on comments, SCHIP

Bob Clark

Several House Republicans, including the 29th Congressional District’s representative, came under fire Tuesday and Wednesday for comments made to a Rochester television station in August.

The campaign of Corning Democrat Eric Massa posted a copy of a Web-released video from a WHAM-TV interview with U.S. Rep. John "Randy" Kuhl, R-29, on YouTube, according to The

In the video, Kuhl discusses the campaign and says Democratic candidates may benefit in an election from a sagging economy.

“I firmly believe the Democratic majority wants the American public to suffer and to hurt so that they can make some political gains at election time, and I think that's wrong,” Kuhl said in the video.

Massa, joined by Rahm Emanuel, a Democratic congressman from Indiana, lashed out at Kuhl through several press releases Wednesday.

While Emanuel targeted Kuhl’s comments, the Republican National Congressional Committee fired back Tuesday, stating Emanuel should not target Kuhl’s comments and is being “hypocritical,” especially after complaints about Florida Democratic congressman Tim Mahoney, who is under investigation for extramarital affairs and Rep. Charles Rangel, D-15, who is under investigation for allegedly not reporting income.

“Sure as the sun rises, Rahm Emanuel seeks to interject his hypocritical two-cents into the political fortunes of others,” the RNCC press release states. “As Chairman of the Democrat Caucus, Mr. Emanuel should not being throwing stones from inside a scandal-stained house.”

Massa and Emanuel also spoke about their desire to see an expansion to the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which funds the Child Health Plus program in New York.

Massa said the changes to the program would allow coverage to an additional 287,000 children in New York by raising the income requirements to 400-percent above the national poverty line.

“These are kids of working parents,” he said, adding the childrens’ families make too much to be covered by Medicaid, but their parents do not receive insurance through their employers.

A similar proposal was vetoed by Pres. George Bush in 2007. Massa states Kuhl voted against the measure five time.

At the time, Kuhl claimed the coverage would be extended to thousands of children who are privately insured, thus costing taxpayers money.

Kuhl also announced an endorsement from the 60 Plus Association, a senior citizens’ advocacy group lead by entertainer Pat Boone.

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