Political Notebook: Oct. 23

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Mount Shasta Herald

Number to Know

2: Number of presidents who have been impeached. They were Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson. Neither was removed from office, however.

Fact Check: Debate statements: Colombia

John McCain described Colombia as the "largest agricultural importer of our products." Actually, Canada imports the most U.S. farm products, and Colombia is far down the list. –

Quotes from the Candidates

"They know I've been tested. They know I've been tested. I've been tested many times." – What Sen. John McCain said Wednesday night during a CNN interview about that touched on the statement from Sen. Joe Biden that a President Obama would be tested by the international community.

"Joe sometimes engages in rhetorical flourishes." – What Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday in response to the Biden comment. He went on to say that no matter who’s elected, the international community will test them.

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