Countown to Election Day: Political columns and editorials

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The latest political columns and editorials from GateHouse writers.

Added Nov. 1-3

Editorial: Unity is key to successful leadership

Kent Bush: Everything is going to be fine - no matter what happens Tuesday

Dianne McDonald: Women voters, then and now

Curt Smith: The 2008 election media -- nattering nabobs of Obamaism

Chuck Sweeny: What to watch for on Election Day

Terry Bibo: Fear - and hope - are signs of the times

Buzz Ball: Exercise your right to vote

Gary Brown: Who to vote for? Flip a coin

Added Oct. 31

Editorial: Obama is the clear choice

Elizabeth Davies: Please -- make an educated vote

Pam Adams: A fitting tribute for next week's historic election

Rick Holmes: A long campaign pays off

Added Oct. 28-30

Kent Bush: Everything you wanted to know about the Electoral College

David Rogers: McCain could learn a thing or two from Palin

Peter Chianca: Election questions? Ask Professor Civics

Deirdre Reilly: In the wake of the election, be cool

Kent Bush: Candidates are the leading men in nationwide morality tale

Steve Fradkin: Translating political messages

Kevin Frisch: It's a wonderful Election Day

Sander Diamond: ‘Dewey defeats Truman’ a lesson from the past

Philip Maddocks: Undecided voters undecided about the issue on which they are indecisive

Added Oct. 27

Richard Esposito: An Obama fairy tale presidency

Dan Hall: How Rush Limbaugh could help out America

Kevin Frisch: Getting a political leg up?

Rick Holmes: 2004 meets 2008

Michael Winship: A mighty hoax from ACORN grows

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