‘Bus driver Margie’ is back aboard in Raynham

Susan Parkou Weinstein

Fired bus driver Marjorie Therrien was back on the job Monday morning, just days after parents and students petitioned for her return.

Last Wednesday, nine-year-old Sydney Smith said Therrien was the best driver she ever had.

With her classmates lined up behind her, the LaLiberte Elementary School fourth-grader presented a petition with more than 100 names to the Bridgewater-Raynham school committee.

She urged school officials to “to get my bus driver Margie back.”

“I think there was no real reason to fire or suspend her because she has always been a great bus driver to everybody,” she said.

Jodie Capobianco, whose five children ages 9 to 17 have ridden the bus with Therrien, submitted a petition with the names of more than 150 parents and students.

“It’s an absolute outrage what they have done, especially to someone who has given so much of her life to the job,” she said of Lucini Bus Company.

“She has complete control of the bus. These children do what they’re supposed to do. They get on the bus. They sit down. They respect her and they respect one another,” she said.

A 35-year veteran driver, Therrien was reportedly fired from the job on Oct. 16 for failing to file an accident report.

The incident occurred while she was backing her bus into a parking space at the dog track and thought she might have hit a fence.

Parents said there was no damage to the fence or the bus and were certain Therrien would have reported an accident if there had been one.

About a dozen school bus drivers attended the meeting to show support for a colleague.

“We think if parents can take time out from their busy day, we can,” Chris Mulligan said.

Mulligan, a union shop steward, said last week the Teamsters Local 653 was working very hard to get her back on the job.

Therrien has transported Bridgewater and Raynham students under contract with no less than six bus companies, including Lucini in the 1990s.

“In 35 years, I’ve never had any type of accident on my record and I’ve never had a reprimand,” she told The Call last week.

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