Biz Bits: Elvis is still the King

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The List

According to Forbes annual list of top-earning dead celebrities, Elvis Presley still is the King (he topped the list last year, too). Here’s the list:

1. Elvis Presley: $52 million

2. Charles M. Schulz: $33 million

3. Heath Ledger: $20 million

4. Albert Einstein: $18 million

5. Aaron Spelling: $15 million

6. Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel): $12 million

7. John Lennon: $9 million

8. Andy Warhol: $9 million

9. Marilyn Monroe: $6.5 million

10. Steve McQueen: $6 million

11. Paul Newman: $5 million

12. James Dean: $5 million

13. Marvin Gaye: $3.5 million

Tip of the Week: Women and the work-life balance

Juggling life both inside and outside the home can be a challenge, which is why it's important to strike the proper balance between work and personal lives. Here are some strategies women can implement to strike a healthy balance:

- Find work that works: Finding an employer that offers flexibility is often the key to both a successful career and personal life.

- Set realistic time schedules: While work deadlines are a necessary evil that you must complete, will anything bad happen if the dishes don't get done or the bed isn't made every day? No -- so don't sweat the small stuff. 

- Leave work at work: With cell phones, laptops, PDAs and home offices, it has become blurry when the workday begins and ends. Be sure to separate your personal time from professional time by turning off your connections to the working world and turning on your connections with your family and friends.

- Learn to say no: If you're a parent, you are probably a pro at saying "no" to your kids, so learn how to respectfully say no to projects that don't fit within your schedule. (ARA)

Tech Tip

If you want to change the default folder your Microsoft Word saves to, follow these steps:

In the menu bar, go to Tools, then Options, then File Locations. Click Modify and type in the information of the new folder.

Number to Know: $14.83 billion

Profit of Exxon Mobil Corp. in the third quarter, the highest quarterly profit ever recorded for a U.S. corporation. The previous record holder? Exxon Mobil in the second quarter, when they earned $11.68 billion.

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