Frank dwarfs rivals in campaign cash

John P. Kelly

As of mid-October, U.S. Rep Barney Frank had spent $1,888,663 in campaign money during the two-year election cycle.

Or, as 4th Congressional District challenger Earl Henry Sholley might characterize it: the equivalent of 0.00000269809 percent of the $700 billion financial bailout package Frank helped orchestrate as chairman of the House Financial Services Committee.

The Norfolk Republican’s main line of attack has been a dollars-and-cents criticism of Frank, for his role as a key architect of the controversial bailout.

When it comes to campaign dollars, the longtime Democratic congressman from Newton has a clear upper hand.

Federal campaign finance records show that Sholley had only $376 in his account at the end of August, the last time his campaign filed a report. He raised $8,368, the records show.

A report from Susan Allen, an Independent candidate from Brookline, did not appear among Federal Election Commission filings. She did not return a phone call for comment.

As of Oct. 15, Frank had $821,819 on hand, according to the records.

Just over half of Frank’s contributions came from individuals; the rest came from political action committees.

The 4th Congressional District includes Halifax and Sharon.

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