Todd Higdon: Time right to ride a bike

Todd G. Higdon

With the weather turning warmer, I think it is time to get into shape. I enjoy walking and riding bikes, however it has been a while since I have done either.

Years upon years ago, my brother Greg and I would use our summer vacations to walk with either Mom or Dad up the streets. It was quiet and relaxing. You would see neighbors outside either caring for their yards or sitting outside talking and enjoying some nice lemonade.

You don’t see that as much today. We are a society that has to be on the go so much. I was talking to some friends of mine, and they concur. It is nice to have a day to just sit back, watch the weather outside, read a book and talk about the day’s endeavors.

Anyway, I have always had a bike. I remember when I had the training wheels and would ride in circles by the garage, hoping and praying that I would not fall off. Later on in life – in about the third grade – I had my first bike wreck. I was trying to “peel-out” on gravel when -- you guessed it, -- I went down.

I scuffed one of my knees, hit my head on the handlebar, busted and chipped one of my front teeth and even hit my elbow. My Dad and Greg were a block away and when I got up, I ran as fast as I could to them. Quickly, they took me in and fixed me up at Nanny and Popa’s house, just down the street. As far as my tooth, I went into the dentist the next day.

For the next few years when I went by the community building, I would cringe. And let me tell you, I never did try to peel out again.

Toward high school and even college days, I would ride my bike on long treks, even 10 to 12 miles a day. With my best friend Steve Haas – who lived just up the street from me – we took off on Friday nights after school, rode toward Jolly Mill and listened to St. Louis Cardinal games on our Walkmans.

So as the weather gets warmer, I think that it is time to purchase a bike and ride the friendly roads of the area.

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