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NIE/KIDZ BUZZ PAGE: Happy birthday, Albert Eistein

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WEEKEND RECAP: Buy a cheap home, cuts are everywhere and state championships


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HEALTH WATCH: Keep allergies from ruining child’s fun - Weekly health rail, with items on playdate allergy control, whether Republicans are healthier than Democrats, kidney disease tests, and more.

HEALTH PAGE: Truth behind home remedies.

HEALTH VIDEO: Laugh for your health.

WOMEN’S SAFETY: Women learn how to protect themselves from attack

MAGNIFY THIS: Magnification equipment helps the visually impaired read

WAYNE WESCOTT: Strength and flexibility for golfers

CHEAP DATES: It's not the money that matters

POP CULTURE: A day worth rooting for

JULIE KAISER: A 'hot' topic


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WILL PFEIFER: Go ahead, watch this comic

GET REEL: When thespians strike out

THE FARR SIDE: Guys get a jump on 'Idol' Season 8

WILL PFEIFER: Go ahead, watch this comic - If, after watching “Watchmen,” you’re curious about the original comic book but too lazy to read it, you’re in luck. “Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic” (Warner Bros.) delivers the complete graphic novel without all those pesky words.

CD REVIEW TINDERSTICKS: Tindersticks reignite passion with new CD

AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT: Feature on rock back, Airborne Toxic Event.


O'MAHONEY CARTOON: On Rush Limbaugh's „Ted Kennedy Memorial Healthcare Bill‰ comment.

LICCAR CARTOON: Obama's Teflon coating

JEFF ADAIR: Working to make a better world

CHARITA GOSHAY: Measuring up to Barbie is least of women's worries

JEFF VRABEL: You can read all about the recession, drink in the unemployment figures and hear story after story of folks being laid off left and right, but if you're me, it's hard to know how bad things have truly become until you see exactly what the economic downturn has done to the world of space bowling.

CHUCK SWEENY: Everyone’s hands in ‘earmarked’ cookie jar in D.C. - I’ve got a running entry going on my blog, The Sweeny Report, about earmarks. From President Barack Obama to Sen. John McCain, earmarks are demonized as a prime example of undisciplined spending. Here’s why the debate over earmarks is pointless: They will never be banned because lawmakers from left to right embrace them enthusiastically as a way to guide projects to their districts.


THIS WEEK IN WEIRD: A bizarre thief, a Seinfeldian auto mechanic and more in this week‚s edition.

HUNDREDS APPLY FOR CUSTODIAN JOB: Nearly 700 apply for Ohio custodian job. How hungry are people for work in today’s sinking economy? Nearly 700 people have applied for a single job as a school custodian.

KIDS AND THE ECONOMY: Are children feeling effects of the bad economy?


FAMILY ROUTINE: Keeping family’s routine can help ease child’s fears about economy

VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS HARDER TO FIND:  Volunteer fire departments locally and nationwide are in dire need of more recruits. According to the National Volunteer Fire Council, the sheer volume of calls responded to by U.S. fire departments has more than doubled between 1986, when 11,890,000 calls were logged, and 2007, when 25,334.500 calls were answered. During the same time period, the number of active volunteer firefighters has decreased by 8 percent. ROCKFORD

To localize: Check with local volunteer fire departments to see if they are having trouble finding firefighters or if stats in your area also show a higher number of calls..

AMERICAN INDIANS & SMOKING BANS: American Indian wants smoking ban exemption for religious ceremonies - HAMILTON – Larry Cooper is not a smoker. The Hancock County man couldn't care less that the state's 14-month-old Smoke Free Illinois Act prevents lighting up in restaurants or restricts smoking in public areas. Cooper is an American Indian, visibly proud of his heritage, and his concern is that the legislation makes it nearly impossible to conduct indoor tribal religious ceremonies. By Jodi Pospeschil of the Peoria Journal Star.

FDR’S STIMULUS PLAN TODAY: The desperate times of the Great Depression called for desperate measures — or at least measures that had never been tried before as means to boost the country from its economic malaise. The legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration, Public Works Administration — even the short-lived Civil Works Administration — still can be seen around Springfield in the form of Lake Springfield recreation areas and the lake’s filtration plant, what is now Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site, the State Archives Building and Lanphier High School. SPRINGFIELD To localize: Are projects from the New Deal still paying dividends in your community?

Business / Ag

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NOW HIRING: Service-oriented jobs -  Nursing, retail sales and waiters don’t have much in common — except that they’re on the list of top-growing occupations in the Rock River Valley. ROCKFORD. To localize: Is your area seeing growth in service-oriented jobs?

STAFFING FIRMS FEELING THE PINCH: With fewer companies in the hiring mood, job placement agencies are feeling the pinch of a tightening economy. The companies make their money when they place someone with a company or are able to arrange a direct hire, so fewer jobs means less revenue. ROCKFORD

CHECKOUT LANE: Latest automatic watches run on sophisticated technologies, not batteries

MAKING CENTS: Roth offers significant tax savings

USED BOOKS: Used books offer affordable alternative to avid readers

(To localize: Have bookstores in your area been selling more used books? Have any stores started buying back used books and then reselling them? Supplement with list of stores with book bargains in your area. Solicit readers' recommendations of local book bargains.)


NASCAR PAGE: Double duty – some drivers tackle both Nationwide and Sprint Cup series.