Editorial: Historic sites should open next

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

We commend Gov. Pat Quinn for recently reopening seven state parks and for his goal of reopening Springfield’s Dana-Thomas House and 12 other shuttered state historic sites.

Our disgraced former governor billed those closures as a necessary budget-cutting step. The November closings saved the state budget the equivalent of change for a soda.

Another result of the move was that our historic sites were closed during Abraham Lincoln’s recent birthday, a time when thousands would have no doubt liked to stop by.

Quinn gets it. He told reporters late last month that the $1.1 million it will cost to keep the parks open is prudent spending because more than 2 million visitors to those sites each year generate far more economic activity.

“Whatever the meager savings, the loss to our economy is tremendous,” Quinn said. “We’ve got to get our economy out of the ditch. And part of doing that is to reopen our state parks.”

With spring and summer tourism seasons heating up, we urge the governor to move fast to get the historic sites up and running.

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