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DAVE RAMSEY: Weekly financial Q&A: Life insurance and owing money to a family member addressed this week.

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GETAWAY: Travel to St. Croix and you may get hooked - St. Croix's allure extends to everyone from those seeking natural wonders to underwater-sports enthusiasts to vacationers who simply want to curl their toes in warm sand and sip some of the island's renowned Cruzan rum. It's an easy island to get hooked on.

LOST IN SUBURBIA: Some people have coffee addiction issues. I have coffee MAKER addiction issues. By Tracy Beckerman.

FAMILY STUDY ON ANGRY WORDS: Angry words linger, study of families finds - A Simmons College study shows that, three decades later, youngsters are still living with the impact of childhood family arguments – both verbal and physical. Ledger, Lambert

THE BEER NUT: Affordable choices for recession-minded craft beer lovers - For those who like craft beer, having less money can make it more difficult to buy the beer you really like. Fortunately, beer lovers, you don't have to mortgage your good taste. You have to trade down in price, but you don't have to sacrifice flavor. It is about smart shopping. There are plenty of great beers for reasonable prices. MetroWest, Miller, with photos

COLLEGE MATTERS: Choosing senior year courses - As juniors become more involved in and more knowledgeable about college admissions, you will come to understand that the most important aspect of your application will be your transcript. The most impressive transcripts show a student who has maintained a strong grade point average while taking appropriately rigorous classes. As such, in choosing your courses for next year it is important to find that right balance. Tim Lee, MetroWest


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GABE HOUSE VIDEO GAME COLUMN: "Street Fighter" returns for a new generation with home console "Street Fighter IV."


O’MAHONEY CARTOON: On Obama reversing Bush policy on stem cell research. Ledger

MICHAEL WINSHIP: My goodness, how they howl when the proverbial shoe is on the proverbial other foot. You‚d think the Red Army had just left Moscow and was preparing a frontal assault on the Federal Reserve. What are conservatives, Wall Street and financial television commentators shouting? Socialists!

FRANK MULLIGAN: Is it worse for an adult never to have seen "The Godfather" or to never have eaten shrimp?

EMILY WILCOX: What it means to be Irish in 2009 - St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Ireland and is celebrated in America, where green beer and a very green parade in Boston have come to mark not so much the Catholic faith, as Irish solidarity. But what is Irish solidarity? What does it mean to be Irish? OCM, with photos


ECONOMY CONCERNS WRECKING SLEEP: Are financial problems or job worries keeping you from getting a proper night's sleep? In this economy, you are not alone. Daily News Transcript, Colby, with headshot 

TIPS FOR STORM VICTIMS TO AVOID CONS: Residents cleaning up after Sunday’s storms need to be alert for unscrupulous contractors also trying to clean up on homeowners’ misfortune. The editor of, a Web site specializing in insurance quotes and articles for consumers, says there are things people should do from an insurance standpoint to make sure they get the repairs to which they are entitled. SPRINGFIELD

POOR ECONOMY AND PETS: Generally healthy, Kendall was given up for adoption because loved ones couldn't afford costly surgery to remove a melon-sized tumor from her sternum. MetroWest, Bergeron, on wire now, with photo (GOOD TO LOCALIZE: Check to see if costly procedures are a turning point for pet owners in your area. Talk to shelters, vets, pet stores, pet trainers, etc.)

OXYCODONE SHORTAGE: Oxycodone shortage a painful reality at pharmacies - The generic drug oxycodone was among 60 medications recalled in February by Ethex Corp. of St. Louis after its manufacturing practices came under scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration. Other makers have been unable to compensate for the drop in supply. Ledger, Kelly, on wire now

COW DRAGGED: Massachusetts man charged with dragging cow behind truck - A Massachusetts man will be charged with animal cruelty for dragging his cow behind his truck after it wandered off, police said. CNC, Mulligan, on wire now

CHURCH SHOOTINGS: Ministers address security in wake of church shooting - In the wake of Sunday’s fatal shooting of the pastor at a St. Louis-area church, the president of the Springfield Ministerial Alliance is asking members of that group and his own congregation whether the time has come to take greater safety precautions. SPRINGFIELD - To localize: Check with local pastors to see how they are handling security in the wake of the church shooting.

CELEBRITY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Celebrity domestic violence case draws attention to problem

JANITOR JOB: Getting in-demand janitor job will be 'like hitting the lotto'

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SMALL BANKS & ECONOMIC CRISIS: Smaller banks: We have no part in economic crisis - While some taxpayers may scratch their heads over a $173 billion injection of taxpayer money into AIG, an entity that has lost $99 billion in a year, Dan Forte wants to make one thing clear. Small Massachusetts community banks have no place in the recession blame game. MetroWest (TO LOCALIZE: See if bankers in your town will discuss the economic crisis from their perspective. Ask if there’s a difference between practices at small banks and the megabanks.)

MAKING CENTS: For college aid, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is unavoidable.

TAX CODE & SAVINGS: Changes in tax code could mean savings - Small businesses and millions of households may benefit from new wrinkles in the tax code for 2008 returns.



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