Big fall for alleged shrimp thief

David Rogers

A Peabody woman remains in custody almost a week after her arrest inside a Middleton Market Basket for allegedly trying to steal several bags of shrimp. But even if 35-year-old Ann Cormier, of 59 Walnut St., Peabody could leave, she would probably need assistance; police say she broke her ankle trying to avoid her pursuers.

Middleton Police Chief James DiGianvittorio said Cormier was spotted by Market Basket employees with several 2-pound bags of shrimp stuffed underneath her coat last Tuesday. But instead of going quietly, Cormier climbed a 6-foot-tall display and then jumped into the next aisle, breaking her ankle in the process.

The bags of shrimp, DiGianvittorio said, were worth several hundred dollars.

Cormier was taken to Beverly Hospital by Middleton Police Officers Robert Currier and Adam Maccini. She stayed in the hospital overnight under the watch of a Middleton police officer until her arraignment at Salem District Court the following morning. She was charged with five counts of shoplifting by concealment and seven outstanding warrants related to drug-related charges, according to DiGianvittorio.