Jeff Schmucker: Yes ladies, guys like to be pampered, too

Jeff Schmucker

Men out there might try to sound macho, but in the end, the sexes aren’t always so different. Really, it’s the terminology that makes all the difference.

While ladies say they “cook,” men say they “grill.” She says “dolls,” we say “action figures.”

But when you say “spa,” well its then both sexes can agree, but only if you hide the name behind something else.

A good example is last weekend while I was visiting my friend in Kansas.

On what was supposed to be St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I somehow got it into my head that I?needed a haircut.

To be honest, I’m not very good about worrying about hair. I have it cut, it grows back — many times much faster than I would like. So fast that most times I just get it cut as short as possible without being a “buzz-cut” and leave it alone.

Maybe it was the summer-like weather, or maybe I was just in some strange mood, but either way an idea hit me that I should go all out this time.

And so, with my friend in tow, we drove off for a guy adventure.

We didn’t have to go far before arriving at a place called “Knockouts,” a very much male-oriented hair-cut business where you could watch sports on a big screen while you wait and have a cold brew while waiting.

Now THIS was a place for men.

Now I?wouldn’t say that the stylists were dressed provocatively or anything, but I will say that how they were dressed, and even looked, were a good selling point for the business. Nick, my partner in crime, echoes this sentiment.

While a nice girl named Natalie, or something along that line, led him away, a very cute and very pregnant stylist named Crystale was assigned to me.

And so began my transformation.

It’s likely not very masculine to admit this, but I don’t know why more men don’t go to spas — other than the girlie name, “spa.”

No, I didn’t have any wax treatments, cucumbers on the eyes or anything of that nature, but I’ve never gone to a place where someone washes your hair twice, puts a hot towel on your face and massages your scalp either. Normally, I’m used to just walking into a barber shop or whatnot, getting a razor and scissor treatment, and walking out.

But this ... suddenly I feel that I’ve had my eyes opened to something else. Before if you’d talked about a guy getting any spa-like treatment, most guys I know would’ve reacted with phrases like, sissy, wuss, “you girl,” or something similar.

But underneath it all, if everyone got the chance, I think even men would agree that having a little bit of pampering is a nice change.

As we were leaving, Nick was smart to grab a brochure and point out that there’s all kinds of massage treatments you can get as well. In the euphoria of his experience, he decided he knows exactly where he wants to go for his birthday.

I don’t know if I’ll be spending a lot more time there, but it’s just one more example that men and women aren’t always so different.

We all want nice things. We all want to be proud of something we can do well.

And given the chance, most of us probably wouldn’t mind spending a little extra time and money to go and indulge in a little special treatment.

For men, it’s just a matter of masculine terminology and any misgivings we have will likely disintegrate.

Women have a term for that. It’s called being easy.

It’s also what makes us men so easy to manipulate.

Not that we’d admit it of course. That’s why ignorance is bliss.

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