Local author talks of city beneath Mt. Shasta

Charlie Unkefer
Dianne Robbins is the author of “Telos,” a book which explores the mysteries of the fabled city that lies beneath the mountain. “I do not write my books; I am just the messenger,” said Robbins, speaking about her creative processs.

Author and Weed resident Dianne Robbins is best known for her book “Telos: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City Beneath Mt. Shasta.”  The book, which is one of four which she says are telepathic communications, tells the story of the fabled city of Telos, which lies beneath Mt. Shasta.

“I do not write my books; I am just the messenger,” said Robbins, speaking about her creative processs.

In the case of “Telos,” which is her best selling book, she said the content of the book was dictated entirely by Adama, the high priest of the underground city.

Communicated in the book is ample information about the  Lemurians who, according to prevailing legends, are a complex and advanced society of human-like creatures residing within an underground network of caves and tunnels below the mountain. 

Robbins’ book provides ample detail about the complex underworld society, ranging from information about the lifestyle, rituals, diet, government systems, travel and transportation, as well as prevailing philosophies that exist in the culture. 

The book is surely guaranteed a spot in the cannon of local literature that addresses this “underground” society.  Robbins noted that she has sold over 28,000 copies of her book in Japan alone and emphasized that she regulary takes orders from all over the country. 

Though the author has only lived in the Mt. Shasta area for a short while, she notes that she began channeling Adama while living in Rochester, N.Y. “I started meeting with Adama, and he asked me to take his message to the people, and that is what I have been doing.”

After 20 years of marginal health, Robbins moved to the area to be closer to Telos and to follow what she feels is a distinct calling. “When I reached Mt. Shasta, I knew I had come home,” she said. 

“This mountain will heal you if you let it,” she said, noting that since moving to the base of the mountain, she has regained her health and feels like she has found her place and purpose in the world.

“With this new sense of purpose, I have dedicated my life to receiving and publishing my telepathic transmissions from beings residing in higher realms of consciousness,” said Robbins.

In addition to Telos, Robbins has also written “The Call Goes Out from the Cetacean Nation,” “Messages from Hollow Earth” and “Tree Talk.” 

Robbins self publishes her work using Trafford Publishing  and markets her books through her website, internet sellers and Mt. Shasta bookstores.  She said her sales have been increasing steadily and expressed confidence that the trend will continue. 

Currently, Robbins said she is working on her transcriptions of her recent telepathic communications with the “crystal people.” 

Speaking on her process, Robbins noted, “I type what I hear, and I never change a word.” 

More information about Robbins and her books can be found at www.dianerobbins.com. Her books can also be found at all Mt. Shasta bookstores.