Add accessories for a country-style kitchen

Brianna Bishop

Nothing provides comfort and familiarity like a traditional country-style kitchen. It’s a place where friends and family gather at the end of a long day for good food and conversation. Jazzing up your kitchen with a few country accessories is easy and will help you transform your space into the room no one ever wants to leave.

Welcome sign

Let your guests know right from the start that they are entering a hospitable place. Find a sign that matches your kitchen décor, or mix it up with different signs for different seasons.

Woven baskets

Inexpensive and versatile, baskets are the perfect addition to a traditional kitchen. Use them to store bills or magazines, hold produce and ingredients or simply to add to the aesthetic of the room.

Wooden plate rack

Save your cabinet space from clutter and keep your nice dishware within reach. It’s simple, not too showy and perfect for maintaining a country ambience in your kitchen.

Decorative ceramic canisters

Ceramics in your kitchen can help you find the balance between function and ornament. They are perfect for storing ingredients or utensils and can complement the patterns in your kitchen at the same time.

Braided rug

Add softness and comfort to your room with a braided rug for underneath the table, or in a kitchen nook if you have one. Look for natural colors that will enhance, not detract, from the rest of your room.

Layered curtains

Window treatments are a must for the country kitchen. Go for a layered look with a valance or tailored window topper. Natural themes and checkered patterns work best for a country style.