Spiritual Singles business lands in Mount Shasta

Charlie Unkefer
Jill Crosby

Business is pretty good for Jill Crosby, owner and manager of SpiritualSingles.com, a dating service that bills itself as the largest “conscious” online dating service.

A resident of Mt. Shasta, Crosby runs her successful online business from her home, though she has a small staff distributed throughout the US and in South America.

Crosby started the business almost 10 years ago as a sideline project while employed for a well known national dating service. “It was a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business (not online), but I certainly gained a lot of experiences and insights in the dating industry.”

“As I was working for this other company, I began to see a big need for the spiritual dating niche and started to pursue the idea,” continued Crosby, who noted one particularly   transformative moment  that occurred while meditating on an airplane trip. “The name just hit me,” she explained.

With an affirmed sense of purpose, Crosby has continued to grow the company, which, she says, has almost 40,000 members worldwide.

“All of our members are already spiritually inclined people, but I always encourage people to use their intuition in regard to who they should contact on Spiritual Singles,” she explained.

The process of joining  includes answering essay questions like “What does being conscious mean to you?” and “What kind of healing  modalities do you practice or would you like to learn?”   She also explained that members fill out a Compatability Test and a Sexual IQ (Intimacy Quotient).

“We feel that the more tools we give our clients,  the easier it is for them to find a good match,” said Crosby.

Having recently moved to Mt. Shasta from Portland, Crosby feels a deep connection with the area.  “After spending two weeks while passing through, I?knew I?had met many of my soul family.  I rented a house and signed a one year lease.  It was just meant to be.”

In addition to her online dating service, Crosby also organizes wild dolphin swim retreats in the Bahamas. The trips, which are for “spiritual singles” involve cruising around on a 91 foot “eco yacht” until the dolphins join the boat ready to swim with the group.

“It is an awesome opportunity for people to meditate under the stars and be with other spiritual singles.  Dolphins are true masters and transmit a lot of energy,” said Crosby.

When not cruising off of Bimini,  Crosby is focused on marketing her business and overseeing her programming and customer service team.

However, she noted, “There is still plenty of time for a swim in Castle Lake.”

Speaking generally of her work, Crosby said, “I?feel like I am raising consciousness right now and helping people grow.”

She also noted that her entrepreneurial side and her spiritual side were by no means incompatible and hopes that she can inspire other women to pursue thier own business dreams.

“Business is good, even with the economy,” noted Crosby.

For more information visit www.SpiritualSingles.com.