Five-year Mustang restoration curbed after eBay-bought car is reported stolen

Michael Morton

Five years into restoring a 1966 Mustang purchased on eBay for his wife, David Bushee received a visit from police Friday telling him to hold his horses: The car had recently been reported stolen in Pennsylvania.

"There's something suspicious about this whole thing," the Wilson Street resident said Monday, surmising that someone simply wants restoration work done for free. "We're disputing the stolen car report."

Lt. Keith Edison of the Holliston Police said Bushee bought the blue Ford GT convertible Mustang in good faith, paying roughly $8,000. He said police in Lancaster, Pa., called the department and said the car had been stolen in their city, with the owner noticing it was no longer in storage.

Edison said the suspected thief somehow got a duplicate copy of the title and posted the car for sale. Police in Lancaster could not be reached.

Given that the Mustang's body had rotted through, Bushee said he had to pick up the car in Pennsylvania with a flatbed truck. He has since spent $60,000 to restore it, with the labor of love for his wife not yet complete.

"She's always wanted a Mustang, ever since she was a kid," he said, adding that he has hired a lawyer and contacted Lancaster Police.

Edison said he was waiting to hear back from his Pennsylvania counterparts, though he noted the Mustang sits in pieces.

"I'm not sure how they're going to handle it," he said. "It's not like we can pick it up and have it towed back to the station."

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