Bill Sutter: How do we gain wisdom?

Bill Sutter

What do we need to know? What do we wish we had known earlier?

The fact is that we all are void of wisdom. A tragic mistake throughout history is ignoring the wisdom of wise elders. If you don’t believe that, ask elders what they wish they had known earlier in their life.

They know a whole lot about suffering and what it is to live in ignorance. Their answers will be very revealing and offer great insight.

In recent years, I have asked this question. The most common answer was that they wish that someone had shared about the wisdom of living, of choosing and thinking before acting. Of course, no one elder knows everything, but everyone can learn something from everyone.

Another person’s answer will add insight to one’s understanding, wisdom and “smarts.” The really smart child and youth listen to the wise, not the popular.

We only learn when we are teachable. Foreknowledge is preferred to hindsight, the latter revealing that one has learned a lesson the hard way.

All mankind is naturally inclined toward casual learning, leaning toward impulsive blindness. But there are two fields of perception that we need: insight and foresight. Unfortunately, man’s wisdom is contained within hindsight.

So how do we get wisdom? First, be humble. Realize the need of wisdom. Secondly, sit down, be quiet and think. Are you witnessing and experiencing foolishness? What are you sensing?

I see the lack of wisdom in understanding the importance of others. Every person is part of the whole of life. What one chooses and does has incredible effect upon others.

People who look out only for their own needs, at the expense of the needs of others, make poor leaders and sorry CEOs. Every corporation, large or small, requires cooperation. All are a part of a team.

How about the financial mess our country is in today? For sure, personal greed at the expense of and in disregard of others has caused our present demise.

We are such shallow, sensing creatures. We look only on the outside of a person, accepting “credentials” for soul content and substance. Our world is concerned only with “stuff and style” while being oblivious of soul and substance.

Man is certainly driven towards getting, acquiring and achieving many things, and those driving desires are awesomely powerful and when exercised in ignorance, one fails to realize their higher calling, as well as the “common good” for all mankind. Self becomes served above all else. How tragic.

Thus, we are witnessing the demise of this demonic thinking in which we have been developed. Man needs to wise up.

Here is a good definition - wisdom is made up of knowledge and understanding through which one seeks to make right, good and equitable decisions. I know more now than ever before, but I must keep learning.

The secret is to network with others, and my greatest source is God, who knows it all. I read his book every day. Are you ready to learn and know more? God never fails those in need of his wisdom.

Bill Sutter is a Carthage Press columnist from Carthage, Mo.