Denise Richards makes stop in former hometown near Chicago

Catherine Leyden

While lunching with her father and sister, former Downers Grove resident and actress Denise Richards reminisced about growing up in the village.

“I actually, when I was a kid, delivered (the Downers Grove Reporter) on my bicycle,” Richards said. “And my parents and sister helped me roll the papers. ... I don’t think I lasted very long.”

A graduate of Pierce Downer Elementary and Herrick Middle schools, Richards was filming for the second season of her E! reality show, “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,” at Gatto’s Restaurant and Bar on Main Street in downtown Downers Grove.

With the talk of swine flu taking place around the nation, Richards and her father, Irv Richards, both commented that it’s a serious and “terrible” matter.

Richards, who had some minestrone soup and Caprese salad at Gatto’s, was joined by her father and sister Michelle McLanghlin.

Richards said her visit to Downers Grove is short, but she does plan on stopping by her old house and knocking on the door. She said she has fond memories of block parties and riding her bike.

“It’s so great to see the town. We haven’t been back in so long,” Richards said. “I love the people around here. Everyone is so nice. I’m so glad I grew up here. I think it’s a great town.”

Richards said she would like to return to Downers Grove in the summer with her two daughters to show them where she grew up.

Richards said she did not attend high school in Downers Grove because after graduating from Herrick, her family moved to the southwest suburb Tinley Park.

The second season of Richard’s reality show premiers June 7 on E!

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