‘Love Convocation’ focused in the area

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Focused in Mount Shasta at the annual Wesak Festival scheduled for May 8-10, the Love Convocation is being created by Gathering of the Ways Cooperative and the Alliance for Humanity. Its purpose is to create, for a full week each year, a worldwide focus on teaching and practicing the power of unconditional love.

“The Love Convocation proclaims that the primary purpose of human life is to learn to love everyone unconditionally,” said John C. McComb, founder of Gathering of the Ways and Dawn Fazende, producer of the Wesak Festival.

“The Love Convocation has its roots in the recognized special power of Mount Shasta which attracts people from all over the world,” said McComb. “It is an outgrowth, in an important sense, of the work of Peter Caddy, co-founder of the renowned Findhorn Community in northern Scotland.

“Peter came to Mount Shasta after leaving Findhorn in the early 1980s and began a series of workshops at Stewart Mineral Springs featuring world leaders from business, religion and academia. His non-profit organization was called Gathering of the Ways.”

Among the many people attracted to Mount Shasta by Caddy’s work were Shari Jae and McComb who will be presenting a special Love Convocation program May 8 at 2 p.m. at the Stage Door, 414 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd. in Mount Shasta entitled “The Love Agreement – a solution to life’s problems.”

McComb and Jae were introduced to each other by Caddy and subsequently founded the Alliance for Humanity, which was created to promote and teach unconditional love.

Gathering of the Ways Cooperative, designed to bring together individuals and organizations dedicated to the power of love was, in turn, created in memory of Caddy as a means of gathering individuals, groups and organizations who seek to bring more love to the world.

For details on Wesak tickets go to the Wesak website (below) or call (530) 926-1762.

The elements of the program at the Stage Door and other Wesak programs will be videocast on the Internet as part of the websites for: The Love Convocation (www.loveconvocation.net); Gathering of the Ways Co-op (www.gatheringoftheways.com); Alliance for Humanity (www.allianceforhumanity.com); The Wesak Festival (www.wwesak.us).