New England budget • 05.21.09

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MetroWest reporter selected as Nieman Fellow at Harvard

Herald News City Editor awarded Maynard Institute Fellowship


THREE INJURED WHEN CAR PLOWS INTO SALON - Three people, including an Orleans firefighter, were injured Thursday morning when a car crashed through the back entrance of the ProCuts hair salon on Route 6A in Orleans.

Cape Codder, Tunney, on wire now

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HIJACKED SKIPPER NAMED ‘09 MARINER OF THE YEAR’ AT MASS. MARITIME ACADEMY - The skipper of the hijacked Maersk Alabama has been to the White House, met President Obama and visited the “Today’ show. Captain Richard Phillips, however, returned Wednesday afternoon to the Taylors Point campus where he started his sea-going training 35 years ago at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

CNC, Gately, on wire now

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SENATE: NO DELAY ON DOG RACING BAN - An effort to delay a ban on dog racing for two years to save thousands of local jobs failed today in the Senate.

Ledger, Reardon, on wire now

VIDEO: TOSSED OUT A WINDOW, PRINCESS THE DOG NOW FINDING LOTS OF LOVE - A New Bedford pooch who was literally tossed away is causing quite a stir in Fall River. Princess, a 2-year-old female chihuahua, was thrown out of a car window in New Bedford on Tuesday, and already dog lovers are in a tizzy clamoring to adopt her. “Between calls and e-mail, I’d say about 100 people (contacted) me today,” said Liz Tidwell, office manager of Forever Paws, where the dog is being cared for until a new home is found.

Herald News, Allard, on wire now

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NORWOOD FIRM SETTLES WITH SEC OVER IMPROPERLY ACCOUTING FOR REVENUE - A Norwood biotech company and two executives have settled a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission that alleged the publicly-traded company knowingly inflated quarterly revenue reports in 2003 and 2004.

Ledger, Chesto, on wire now

MASSACHUSETTS BUSINESS IN BRIEF - Big renovations planned for Logan garage; Worcester company pleads guilty in Big Dig case; Analog Devices enjoys a big boost in its stock.

Ledger, on wire now



Ledger, on wire now

CONROY CARTOON: ON THE AMERICAN AUTO INDUSTRY - NOTE: Bob Conroy will be submitting cartoons through the News Service for a couple months. If your paper picks up his cartoons and is interested in ongoing toons from Bob, please let us know at

EDITORIAL: THE PELOSI SIDESHOW - There are lots of important questions to ask about interrogation policies used under the Bush administration. Which tactics are legal? Which ones work? Was the Office of Legal Counsel politicized? Was Congressional oversight inadequate? Were laws broken?

MetroWest, on wire now

LLOYD GARVER: THE FACT THAT CALIFORNIA IS IN BAD SHAPE financially does not make it unique. What makes it unique is Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's suggestion to help get California back on its sandaled feet: Sell everything.

EDITORIAL: ALLSTATE'S BACK - Chalk up an another for auto insurance reform. Twenty years ago, Allstate Insurance Co., the nation's second-largest auto insurer, abandoned Massachusetts. Like other leading insurers, Allstate had concluded it couldn't succeed in a state where regulators set the prices and dictated coverage.

MetroWest, on wire now

EDITORIAL: BIG DIG EPILOGUE JUST AS DISHEARTENING AS PROJECT - Modern Continental may have been proven to be a lying and cheating company but it got a big break earlier this month when federal prosecutors allowed officials to plead guilty to 39 charges — but let them off the hook in connection with a tunnel collapse that killed a woman three years ago.

Enterprise, on wire now

STEVE POFTAK: HOW TO TELL THE 'REFORM' SIZZLE FROM THE STEAK - Tax increases come out of your wallet immediately. But will the reforms we were promised before new revenues come at all?

Ledger, guest column




JFK LIBRARY LAUNCHES 'MOON SHOT' EXHIBIT - Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing, the Kennedy Library has launched "Moon Shot - JFK and Space Exploration" that tells the story of the earliest days of America's space race with the Soviet Union.

MetroWest, Ring, on wire now

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THEATER REVIEW: HOVEY'S 'ZOMBIES' IS A HOOT OF A SPOOF - You've probably never seen a musical quite like "Zombies From the Beyond." I certainly haven't. That's exactly why director Tom Berry proposed it to the Hovey Players. He didn't want to direct one of the many musicals that are done over and over again by theater companies. He was eager to tackle something that would be a unique experience for everyone.

MetroWest, Brooks Andrews, on wire now

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MOVIE REVIEW: LITTLE REDEMPTION IN 'TERMINATOR SALVATION' - Another week, another prequel. Makes one wonder if Hollywood moguls will soon film one of Adam and Eve. They can call it "The Snake and the Apple: Temptation Day."

MetroWest, Tremblay, on wire now

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VIDEO: DECORDOVA EXHIBIT QUESTIONS TECHNOLOGY'S EFFECTS ON THE LANDSCAPE - With just 12 large color images, Newton resident Bremner Benedict nudges viewers into reassessing their attitudes about modern civilization's impact on the environment.

MetroWest, Bergeron, on wire now

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CANTON MASS AUDUBON DISPLAYS PICTURE PERFECT PLACES - A collection of landscapes by artist Cindy House, which are so meticulously detailed that they often are mistaken for photographs, are now on display at Mass Audubon Center for Visual Arts in Canton.

CNC, Hall, on wire now

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KITCHEN CALL: THE ALL-AMERICAN GRILL - Opening weekend: backyard barbecue. Get out the steel wool. Scrub down the grill rack, the barbecue tools. Strike up the charcoal. Add hot dogs, burgers. Bring on a big bowl of classic potato salad. Cover the table with a checkered cloth, stack up the paper napkins. It’s the first cookout of the season!

CNC, on wire now

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