Boss is back on Mt. Shasta City Council

Staff reports
Ned Boss

After all the votes have been tallied, Ned Boss has emerged as the first candidate to be voted into a position on the Mount Shasta City Council in over 6 years.

According to finalized results from last week’s May 19 election released by the County Clerk’s office, Boss received 53.17% of the vote compared to Susie Boyd’s 46.41%.

A total of 946 votes were cast in the race. Boss raked in 503 votes, Boyd received 439, and four votes went to write-in candidates. Of the 2,138 voters registered in the city of Mount Shasta, less than half  of them took the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Boss, who has lived in Mount Shasta for over 55 years, says he’s excited to have been elected to the council once again. “I’m looking forward to working with our community, city council and city staff to create a prosperous Mount Shasta,” Boss said.

He feels his past experience on the council, as a past Mount Shasta mayor, and working as the Public Works director for the city for 20 years will allow him to get involved quickly on the sticky issues facing the council, including the upcoming budget session scheduled for June 3.

Boss said that himself and six of his supporters went door to door during the campaign and made phone calls to registered voters. Based on what they heard from residents, Boss said he was surprised at the low voter turn out.

He said candidates and voters will have their next chance when two council seats are up for election in 2010.

Boyd’s campaign also went door to door, although she was limited by a broken leg.

In a letter to the editor published in this paper, Boyd thanks her supporters and notes that, “Voter apathy, which is as rampant in our city as it is anywhere, results not only in low voter turnout, but in lack of candidates. I changed that for this election at least.”

She writes, “Ned Boss won the election. I wish him the best as he wrestles with the challenges facing our community.”