Haven’t got time for the pain? Carly Simon sings to patients at Plymouth hospital

Staff reports

Carly Simon has a new gig, according to the British news agency Reuters.

She is singing to surgery patients at Jordan Hospital in Plymouth while her beau of recent years, Dr. Richard Koehler, operates on them.

Simon, whose “Never Been Gone” album was released last week, spends much of her time at her home at Tisbury on Marth’s Vineyard. Koehler is a surgeon with offices in Plymouth.

Simon, 64, will board the ferry from time to time and journey to Jordan Hospital when Koehler goes to work.

Reuters said in a report Monday that she occasionally dons scubs and surgical mask and soothes nervous patients in the OR by singing to them.

“One of them asked for ‘Haven’t Got Time for the Pain,’” her 1974 hit, she said in a recent interview.

“And then I watched the surgery and everybody thought that I was going to grossed out and have to taken from the room on a stretcher,’’ she said. “I wasn’t at all. I was fascinated by it.”

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