5 Things to Do This Weekend (Nov. 6-8)

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MOVIES: Christmas is here

It’s a good weekend for new movies, and one in particular will appeal to those of you with children: “Disney's A Christmas Carol,” starring Jim Carrey. The PG movie has received fairly tepid reviews, but it should be one of those critic-proof movies that the whole family will enjoy. Also out this week is “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” a quirky flick starring George Clooney and Jeff Bridges (rated R); “The Box,” starring Cameron Diaz (PG-13); and the creepy-looking “The Fourth Kind,” an alien-abduction movie starring Milla Jovovich (PG-13).

BOOKS: Literary giants and sports legends

The wildly popular John Grisham and Barbara Kingsolver are back with new books. Grisham’s latest, “Ford County: Stories,” is a collection of seven short stories and is being called one of his best books. Kingsolver’s latest is “The Lacuna: A Novel,” World War II-era story that has enraptured those who have read it (check out the reader reviews on Amazon, for example). And for the sports fan, be sure to check out “When the Game Was Ours,” by Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Fans of basketball or sports in general will find this a fascinating look at two of the men who helped shape the game into the global presence it is today.

EVENTS: Ladies, it’s your turn

Saturday is Sadie Hawkins Day, so ladies, if you’re single, go ahead and ask out that guy you’ve had an eye on. For those unfamiliar with Sadie Hawkins, it’s a reversal of the traditional dating methods (i.e. the women ask out the men, pay, etc.) that stemmed from the “Li'l Abner” comic strip. Many Sadie Hawkins events will stick to the traditional theme of country (“farmer” and “rural” clothing styles, line dancing), so go all out and get in the spirit if that’s the case. If there aren’t any events for your age group in the area, why not plan a Sadie Hawkins party of your own?

SPORTS: Happy birthday, Mr. Naismith

In honor of the Nov. 6 birthday of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, make sure to catch some hoops this weekend. The NBA is in full swing now, and plenty of games are on tap for the weekend. Check out for schedules and more. And if you’re looking for playoff sports action, Major League Soccer teams are battling it out this weekend in the second game of the two-game opening round. Go to for more information.

HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS: Honor those who served

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