Challenge met and exceeded in McCloud

Gene Eagle
McCloud Healthcare Clinic board president Diane Brickell accepts a check for $2,000 from Campbell Timberland Management area manager Paul Chapman and office administrator Priscilla Wood. Left is Clinic administrator Jennifer Malone. The Community not only matched Campbell’s donation, but exceeded it several weeks before the challenge was scheduled to expire. “Now that's fantastic,” said Chapman.

During the Sept. 12 McCloud Healthcare Clinic’s Golf Tournament fundraiser, Campbell Timberland Management Area Manager Paul Chapman and office administrator Priscilla Wood issued a challenge to the community that they would match donations, dollar for dollar, up to $2,000 and the challenge would expire on Dec. 31.

“The challenge was met (Oct. 23) and exceeded  with donations of over $2,100,” said volunteer Bob Wieder. “McCloud has come through again.”

“I am surprised to see this much money raised in such a short time,” said Wood. “What a community effort, and that’s what we want. We are ‘growing the good’ of our community and that speaks for Campbell Timberland.”

Chapman said he wanted to thank the community for coming up to the challenge and exceeding “our” match.

“One of our projects this year as Priscilla stated, is called Grow the Good and we’ve got money that we want to spend in the community where we are working, and where our folks are involved,” said Chapman.

“A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Campbell  folks for their matching donations,” said Malone. “There are so many people to thank for coming forward to the clinic all the time.”

Malone also expressed her gratitude to Wieder who has been tireless, above and beyond, in this event.

“It’s been a wonderful opportunity for fund-raising for the clinic,” said McCloud Healthcare Clinic Board President Diane Brickell.

“This has been a real fun way to raise funds and involve everybody. Campbell has been fantastic,” she added.

The donations from the fundraiser will benefit the McCloud Healthcare Clinic.