Museum seeks help with Native American weaving display

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
One of the pieces of Native American weaving that has been offered to the Sisson Museum

Sisson Museum has been offered an open-ended opportunity to display 36 new pieces of Native American weaving to join the 18 pieces currently on exhibit.

“This is an exciting collection that has not yet been seen by the general public,”?said museum director/curator Perry Sims.

Desiring to keep the local baskets local – “If they leave the area, they won’t return”?– Sims said he is “forming a small committee to join Museum staff and volunteers along with regional experts to commit to construct a display case and develop a plan to best explain the artistry of this local genre of intricate trade baskets.”

Sims is putting a call out for volunteers who would like to join the team that will  produce “a beautifully professional finished exhibit” and for anyone who would be interested in underwriting some of the cost of the display case.

“Sisson Museum will share this cultural heritage with tens of thousands of visitors into the future,” Sims said.

Partnership shares are tax-deductible and are $100. Six shares remain.

Sims sees the committee needing cabinetmaking types and drawer hardware installation, low voltage LED lighting, printed display labels and interpretive signage, digital photography, documentation of the collection, “and a lot more fun stuff. With a small committee of talented volunteers, the support of expert local cultural interpretation and a tight budget, the Museum board of directors has authorized me to fund the project and move forward.” 

Most committee communication will be online. Sims can be reached by e-mail at “Let’s chat about how we might work together to share these artistic treasures and ‘pay it forward,’” he said.

Sims said he hopes to have the exhibit open in time for the museum’s History Night on April 2, 2010.