Brad Lager: More government bailouts?

Brad Lager

Over the last several months, we have witnessed unprecedented action at unprecedented levels as the taxpayers of this great nation have paid the bills to bail out some of our country’s largest industries. 

Now, more than a year after the initial bailouts began, we have a company seeking a third round of payments from the U.S. Treasury. Although some of our federal office holders would like us to believe that we need them to save us, the reality is that we are now seeing what happens when government reaches into the private sector in an attempt to change our free market economy.

Unfortunately, our free market system continues to be disrupted by all levels of government as they continue to intertwine themselves in the private industry. Ranging from public ownership of corporate stock to special tax treatment and subsidies, government interaction is having dramatic impact on our economic system. Well intended programs and subsidies designed to attract new businesses, create jobs, and encourage investment often bring with them unintended consequences for the businesses working hard to survive on their own. 

These businesses that do not receive government aid are forced, as a taxpayer, to help bear the cost of their potential competitors. Because of this system of taxpayer financed subsidies and entitlements, government is now choosing the winners and losers as it doles out our hard earned tax dollars.

Having the government more involved in our lives does not always produce the positive outcomes intended. Excessive government intrusion into our free enterprise system is contrary to the beliefs of our founders who knew that creativity, innovation, risk taking and competition were the factors that would fuel our markets and lead to success. 

I am committed to doing everything possible to mitigating government’s involvement in our private sector so that we have an economic environment that allows all Missouri’s businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete and then succeed or fail on the merits of their own work. 

Contact Missouri state Sen. Brad Lager, District 12 Republican, at the Capitol number, (573) 751-1415, by e-mail,, or mail, Room 429, State Capitol Building, Jefferson City, MO 65101.

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