This Week in Weird, Nov. 6

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Man accused of trying to hit patient with shoe

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – A 39-year-old man allegedly became unruly in the emergency room at St. John’s Hospital and tried to hit another patient with his shoe.

The disturbance occurred about 7:15 p.m. last week Wednesday. Emergency room staff told police that Jerry E. Marlett came into the hospital and started yelling at a patient who was lying in a bed. Marlett allegedly removed his shoe and started swinging it at the victim.

Hospital personnel intervened and put Marlett in another room, where he allegedly continued yelling and swinging at staff members. Security staff restrained him until police arrived.

The victim told police he didn’t know Marlett and was unsure why he was yelling at him.

Deer goes shopping in furniture store

ELDON, Mo. - A young deer got a police escort out of Eldon earlier this week after being chased from a business where the animal had sought refuge after crashing through a plate-glass window.

The owner of Eldon Furniture was taking an early morning stroll past his business in downtown Eldon on Tuesday morning when he found a portion of the window had been busted out. Fearing he would be cut on the glass if he crawled through the window, the owner quickly walked back home, got the keys to the building and called the police to meet him back at the store. When he arrived, an Eldon police officer was waiting.

He let himself in the back door and went through the building to let the police officer inside. They found what appeared to be a trail of blood. Following the trail, they found a deer on the floor near the flooring displays.

While trying to decide what was the best method of disposing of the deer, the deer jumped up and started running through the building.

They managed to corral the deer and opened a door, and the deer fled. It was last seen heading toward a wooded area. 

Candidate accused of punching poll worker

UTICA, N.Y. - Tumult prevailed until the bitter end in the 1st Ward Common Council race.

One challenger, Republican Ed Hill, was charged with second-degree harassment after Utica police said he slugged a poll worker at Kennedy Plaza during a scuffle Tuesday evening with Democratic opponent Frank Vescera.

Hill was cited by police after getting into a scuffle near the voting booths at Kennedy Plaza apartments.

In that scuffle, Hill allegedly “chest-bumped” Vescera and then shoved and punched poll worker Michael Colon in the face, deputy police chief Mark Williams said.

Hill was said to be upset because Vescera was too close to the registration table, Williams said. When he confronted Vescera, Colon jumped in to the break up the fight and was punched, police said.

“I tried to get in between them and that’s when Ed Hill sucker-punched me,” said Colon, who was not injured. “These guys had to hold me back because I was going to knock Ed Hill out.”

Hill later showed up at the police station, where he was told to expect a summons from the court with information for a future court appearance, Williams said. Hill could not be reached for comment.

Man charged with selling pot near playground

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - Police arrested a Framingham man Monday who they say was selling marijuana across the street from a playground.

Wesley A. Souza, 21, had more than a dozen small bags of pot in his hands when police arrested him at 8:30 p.m., police spokesman Lt. Paul Shastany said.

Officer Timothy O'Toole, a member of the street crimes unit, was walking in plain clothes near the Gordon Street playground when he saw two men taking part in what appeared to be a drug deal, Shastany said.

O'Toole went toward them, and at the same time, Souza began walking toward him.

"O'Toole identified himself as an officer and Souza stopped, and it appeared he was trying to hide something behind a wooden post," Shastany said.

O'Toole and other street crimes officers ordered Souza to stop moving. Souza had a large bag that contained 14 smaller bags of a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana, Shastany said.

The officers searched him and found a digital scale and about $300 in his pocket.

Souza was charged with possessing marijuana with intent to distribute, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing drugs near a park.

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