New England budget 11.09.09

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New England budget 11.09.09

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Ohio newspaper creates special wrap for high school football rivalry.


SOCIAL NETWORKING HELP: Families of the missing and slain turn to social networking sites to solve cases - As more older adults sign on to sites such as Facebook and MySpace, the sites are fast becoming promising tools in older cases, such as the disappearance of Jennifer Lynn Fay in Brockton 20 years ago. By Maureen Boyle.

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VETERAN’S ART GALLERY: Disabled Iraq veteran to close his Middleboro art gallery - Beautiful paintings may feed the soul, but they don’t feed the kids, and the tight economy is forcing Peter and Jenn Damon to make the tough choice to close their gallery or lose it all. By Alice C. Elwell.

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NOT GRRRRRREAT: Police say truck driver may have been eating cereal at time of crash - A FedEx driver may have been eating a bowl of cereal Friday when he crashed his large box truck head-on into a sedan in Framingham, police said. By Norman Miller.

NOVA: Wayland man, a 'NOVA' editor, helps plan series on human evolution - Evan Hadingham wants to introduce you to a 3.3 million-year-old relative named Selam who just might change what you think about being human. By Chris Bergeron.

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RAIL: South Coast expansion on track despite withering MBTA review - The state remains committed to the $1.4 billion to $1.9 billion South coast Rail project in the wake of a withering review of the MBTA. By Erik Potter.

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H1N1: Parents seek better communication about swine flu from schools - With the swine flu making a fall comeback in Massachusetts and a vaccine still largely unavailable, Regina Gabriel was getting nervous. Unless it is a severe case, doctors no longer identify which sub-type of flu is present in a patient — whether it is swine flu or another of the Type A varieties of flu. And a swine flu case is not technically confirmed until it has been tested by the state laboratory. That doesn’t satisfy parents searching for more definitive information so they help protect their children. By Erik Potter.

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SCHOOL FLU: Flu symptoms plague Sandwich schools - An outbreak of flu-like symptoms at the Sandwich Public Schools has caused student attendance to plummet. School Nurse Leader Celine Hardy said at last week’s school committee meeting that the district’s attendance rate has dropped to 87 percent. By Paul Babin.

E.COLI: Marshfield family recounts ordeal with tainted beef – A Marshfield family endured an unforgettable experience in the dangers lurking in the meat industry as an 11-year-old girl, brother, grandmother all wound up in hospital for days battling a virulent strain of the E. coli. By John P. Kelly.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Honors for fallen Marine Eric A. Jones - Marine Capt. Eric A. Jones was buried at the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne on Saturday. The 29-year-old Jones died Oct. 26 in a helicopter crash while serving in Afghanistan. Jones spent his summers on Cape Cod, and his parents moved to Mashpee several years ago. By Barry Donahue.

PHOTO GALLERY: Images from around Cape Cod, Nov. 8A selection of images taken by our staff photographers from around the Cape this week.


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CHECKOUT LANE: Choosing the best pet care option - Holiday travel can be stressful, especially when you have to decide what to do with your pets while you’re away. Choosing to leave your pet with a sitter or to board it for an extended stay depends on its age and temperament. By Sara Castellanos.

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MAKING CENTS: Renters can insure against loss, liability - Whenever the topic of insurance for property damage or theft comes up, it commonly gets directed toward homeowners. But renters of houses and apartments need insurance, too. This is commonly referred to as renters insurance. By John P. Napolitano.

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MASS. MARKET: Fishermen’s frustrations with government continue - When Jim Keding spent $225,000 to buy a 55-foot fiberglass dragger last year, the Plymouth fisherman was gearing up for a sea change in the management of the region’s fish stocks. By Jon Chesto.

FINE PRINT: IRS: Will swap refund checks for correct addresses - It's not every day that the Internal Revenue Service is actually looking to give you tips on how to ensure you save money. But we'll take the advice from the IRS when we can get it. In the past week, the IRS announced that it is still looking for Massachusetts taxpayers who are missing more than 1,800 refund checks that collectively total more than $2.3 million - checks that were returned to the IRS by the U.S. Postal Service due to mailing address errors. By The Patriot Ledger.

BIG-BOX SHOPPING: Big-box discounters are hungry for more food shoppers - More than a decade after taking on supermarkets by introducing grocery sections, discounters are turning up the heat. Target Corp. is expanding grocery sections and adding fresh food and produce in many locations, including its Hanover store. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has renovated many locations, including its Halifax store, to make room for bigger food sections, and it is pushing a new bottom-dollar private-label line. By Steve Adams.

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CASINO: Casino builder has Massachusetts roots - He has waltzed into Milford with plans for a grand resort casino that would rival the world's best. He has called it Crossroads, pitched it to selectmen and promised - should the state allow - to build it in a way that makes the community proud. So who is this ambitious man, Colorado real estate developer David H. Nunes? By Danielle Ameden.

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BEER BIZ: L. Knife & Son celebrates 75 years of distributing Budweiser - Despite being a distribution center for 1,100 brands of beer from all over the world, L. Knife & Son in Kingston still remembers its roots and how Budweiser helped put the company on the map. By Kathryn Koch.

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GRANLUND CARTOON: On H1N1 and unpaid sick days.

CONROY CARTOON: Is the economy really recovering?

RICK HOLMES: Obama comes down to earth - For most of those who voted for Obama, the balloon hasn't popped, but there's no denying that it is flying a lot lower than that heady night when the new first family took to the stage in Grant Park. Obama's return to earth may be a surprise and a disappointment to those new to politics, but not to me. Campaigns are poetry; governing is prose.

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EDITORIAL: Changing voters' minds on same-sex marriage - For the second time in a year, supporters of same-sex marriage have suffered a discouraging defeat. Voters in Maine on Tuesday repealed a state law enacted a few months before legalizing gay marriage. The same thing happened a year ago in California. By MetroWest Daily News.

SEN. JAMIE ELDRIDGE: Health reform through a patient's eyes - On the morning of October 7th, 2009, I suffered a one-minute seizure that broke many of the bones in my back, strained my spine, and tore my right shoulder out of its socket. Given the seriousness of the injuries that I sustained, I was rushed to Mass. General Hospital.

LORETTA LAROCHE: Sometimes we need to curb our enthusiasm -- I’m sure I’ve stood on the platform of good intentions trying to hawk a plethora of ways that could get you out of your rut and on to bigger and better things. Well, age and, in particular, maturity, have brought me to a certain consensus. I don’t think that all of us are capable of doing everything we set our minds to.

JULIE FAY: Young math whiz finds a new outlet for his talent -- "Mom, how big is a googol?” my 5-year-old asked. It’s been 25 years since I last sat in a math class, but the term sounded familiar. “Where did you hear that word?” I demanded. Math terminology isn’t exactly profanity, but in my book, it comes close.


MMA: Let’s get ready to ruuummmbbbllle – again - Burgeoning New England MMA promotion Cage Fighting Xtreme will hold Rumble in the Jungle II at the Plymouth Jungle Plex on Nov. 14, arguably the promotion’s most highly anticipated card to date. By Matt Mulligan.

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STANLEY BAUMAN: Stonehill College to host exhibit of Stanley Bauman photos - Iconic photographs of boxer Rocky Marciano and other period photographs will be on display Wednesday as Stonehill College holds an open house for its Stanley Bauman photography collection. It has taken Easton college about two years to organize the massive collection of photographs. By Erik Potter.

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