Restaurant a haven for veterans of all kinds

Trysta Eakin

"Thanks to all of our military personnel serving in this war against terrorism to protect our country. Love you and God bless you for your service." - Veteran Ron Henke (Vietnam era)

If you're looking for a veteran to honor this Veterans Day and a way to do it, you've come to the right place when you visit the hot pink building in Camdenton.

Gull-Ables Bar & Grill has become a veteran hangout over the years. A place for the guys to play shuffleboard, eat homemade food and swap war stories over some beers.

The bar has honored veterans for years with its well-known Veteran's Wall, where you can find the veteran patrons' service photographs.

Above the bar are photographs of active duty service men and women who bar owner Pam Hagenow said they send care packages to while overseas.

"We're always looking for more soldiers' addresses so we can send even more packages out to our troops," she said. Donations for those packages are also accepted, she said.

Hagenow has owned the restaurant for the last three years and said both the food and people make it unique.

She cooks and serves dishes like homemade onion rings and hand-breaded tenderloins, which she said people from all over keep coming back for.

Walking through the door, Gull-Ables immediately has that "Cheers" feel to it, with its hometown atmosphere and an inviting cliental.

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