Auditor Dancer to retire

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Leanna Dancer, Siskiyou County’s auditor-controller-recorder, sent out a statement this week announcing that she will retire at the end of December, 2009. The statement reads:

To Siskiyou County,

After almost 27 years of service to the County of Siskiyou with the last 11 as the elected Auditor-Controller-Recorder, I wish to announce that I am retiring effective the end of December 2009. As with everything I have done during my career, this is not done lightly and only with the very best interests of the county employees and our citizens at heart.

The county government is fortunate to have the staff that works in the Auditor-Recorder’s office. These are dedicated and extremely hardworking individuals that I am honored to have had as my employees but more importantly as my friends.

They have consistently given more to our citizens than should be expected and have the very best interest of the county at heart. They have always done all they could to meet my needs and have taken difficult times like the ethical and moral people they are — with class.

I wish to specifically acknowledge persons who have made my career in county government a success.

Former Auditor-Controller-Recorder Beverly Foster is first on my list to thank. She made me see that everything is not black and white and that the gray area is larger than I thought. She was instrumental in making me become a better person and I will always be grateful for that.

Others include Mike Mallory, Assessor, and Wayne Hammar, Treasurer-Tax Collector, who have worked with the Auditor as a team and bring significant knowledge and ability into county service.

Their support has been consistent and I have come to depend upon their advice with confidence.

My thanks to current and former department heads for their support and their lessons as well. There is not one that I have not learned from.

To our county employees, thank you as well and I wish all of you only the best.

I am looking forward to a change in direction and will do all I can to make this transition a smooth one for the county.

Leanna Dancer, Auditor, Controller-Recorder