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NEW THANKSGIVING SIDES: Altering Thanksgiving menu: Focus on the sides -- Modernizing the T-Day menu is fraught with land mines, not the least of which allegedly cause deceased relatives to roll over in their graves. There’s a good reason we always have exactly the same main course as years past.

SHOESTRING LIVING: Be thankful for the money you’ll save this Thanksgiving - This Thanksgiving, our budget is tighter than in years’ past, posing a big challenge to this entertaining junkie. I can’t bear the thought of running out of food. I struggle to say “no” to special décor and like to pull together recipes with way more ingredients than servings. This year, I’ll implement a few strategies to ensure that I stay within the entertaining budget and get to enjoy myself a bit, too. By Molly Logan Anderson.

VEGGIE THANKSGIVING: Vegetarians at Thanksgiving dinner? Whip up delicious meat-free meals - There are typically enough dishes that do not contain meat to satisfy most vegetarians at Thanksgiving. If you want to make a thoughtful gesture, however, for a vegetarian or vegan guest, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular, seasonal vegetarian entrées. By Kiki Benson and Jeanie Burke for the Rockford Register Star.

DEIRDRE REILLY: Screeching to the choir - I recently joined the church choir. I should mention here that I don’t really sing. Oh, sure, I do a pretty good Dolly Parton imitation, and I LOVE singing in my car to everything from Aerosmith to Air Supply, but that is not, as far as I know, the same thing as being a trained singer.

- With column mug

RABBI RANDY KAFKA: What is a face? - I love faces. Wherever I am, I love looking at people’s faces. It’s one of my favorite things to do. A face is a message.

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CHEF FEHMI: Perfect beef stew and pumpkin cheese mousse cake - Every nation boasts of at least one culinary masterpiece. To the French, a beef bourguignon or a coq-au-vin is perhaps the crowning jewel of their cuisine. curried lamb Madras sits at the heart of Indian gastronomy. A goulash is as precious to the Hungarian as a tagine is to the Moroccan.

- With photos and video

TEA’S HEALTH BENEFITS: Brewed tea loaded with health benefits - PEORIA – Hong Ji came to Peoria two years ago and was surprised to learn that Americans drink tea made from leaves so old they have lost much of their nutritional value. Ji grew up in Harbin in the northeast region of China. Her family operates a tea business there, and she grew up believing in the medicinal value of tea. Now in the U.S., Ji teaches classes on Chinese tea tasting at the Peoria RiverPlex, where she is an exercise specialist for OSF Saint Francis Medical Center's medical and arthritis program. By Clare Howard of the Peoria Journal Star.

TURKEY OR TURDUCKEN? Your guide to Thanksgiving's main meal - As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to think about how you will prepare your bird. Preparing a whole turkey is a complicated endeavor. A whole bird involves at least 10 pounds of meat, skin and bone. Something has to be done with that cavity. A meat thermometer must be procured. By Lainie Steelman of the McDonough County Voice.

ASK DOG LADY: Overcome fear of outliving pet -- Dog Lady offers advice on

adopting an older dog and choosing a trainer.

KITCHEN CALL: Cooking with Mary Ann Esposito -- For nearly 20 years, Mary

Ann Esposito has been the major promoter of Italian cooking in the USA, just

as Julia Child was to French cooking. Although Mary Ann stands about a foot

shorter, like Julia she¹s a born educator, always willing to share knowledge

and expertise.

GREENSPACE: Save your money; plant flowers that feed the birds -- Let¹s see.

You could spend $50 on a bird feeder and unending cash on seed. Or you could

take that money and feed the birds, permanently, without lifting a hand.


SUDOKU: Puzzles for November (491-525) are available for download. Previous puzzles are linked to in this file, or visit our Puzzles category.

SUDOKU: Puzzles for December (526-553) are available for download. Previous puzzles are linked to in this file, or visit our Puzzles category.

TWILIGHT LINKS: Click the link below to see our collection of content related to the release of the second "Twilight" movie. Please note that some stories would work best if localized. And if your newspaper has a "Twilight"-related item, please send it to us via Zope or e-mail it to

SNEAK PREVIEW: 'Twilight,' 'Precious' and other movies opening this week. By Al Alexander.

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- Movie review: Fans will sink their teeth into 'New Moon':

- Movie review: 'The Messenger' delivers an emotional punch:

- Movie review: 'The Blind Side' tackles a compelling story:

- Movie review: 'Bronson' a nasty blend of fun, attitude:

- Movie review: Little life on 'Planet 51':

ALBUM REVIEW: 'Blackroc,' by the Black Keys -- "Blackroc" has what so many other rap-rock projects are missing: By using the same type of raw sound that so many hip-hop samples are after in the first place, Ohio garage rockers the Black Keys are able to create a hybrid record with an impressive guest list that includes Rza, Mos Def, Raekwon, Jim Jones and others.

PRECIOUS: How the 'Precious' pieces came together - Producer-turned-director Lee Daniels turned his adaptation of the 1996 novel by Sapphire into a film with help from Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. By Ed Symkus.

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FLICKS: Vampires are monsters - not teens in skinny jeans – It’s easy, even understandable, to dismiss things we find uninteresting, distasteful or downright stupid. I do that often enough in this column, so let me be clear: I like fantasy fiction. But there’s a scene in “Poltergeist III” ... no, really, they made three ... that pops into my head every time I hear or see anything related to “Twilight.”

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SANDRA BULLOCK: Sandra Bullock glad she tackled role in football movie - Energy was necessary in order to portray Leigh Anne Tuohy, one of the two main characters in the new film “The Blind Side,” the true story of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a poor, homeless, underachieving high school kid she pulls off the street and invites to become part of her family. Soon after, Michael discovers his talent for playing football. By Ed Symkus.

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HANDY MA’AM: This author is a handy ma’am - For years, handywoman Marie Leonard has shown women how to use a power drill, replace a leaky faucet or rewire an electrical outlet. Now she is sharing her knowledge globally with her new book, “Marie’s Home Improvement Guide.” By Peter Costa.

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VIDEO VAULT: For its 10th anniversary, 'Fight Club' gets a high-def makeover - Ten years ago this week, “Fight Club” was released to theaters. I was there on that opening weekend, sure I’d see something special, and I wasn’t wrong. Like few movies in my life, “Fight Club” seemed to reach right down into my brain and scratch a nagging itch I didn’t know was there. By Will Pfeifer of the Rockford Register Star.


GRANLUND CARTOON: Osama bin Laden a turkey who continues to beat the odds

GRANLUND CARTOON: On new mammogram guidelines.

GRANLUND CARTOON: On Obama's Afghanistan decision.

MICHAEL TORTORICH: 'Rogue' days ahead -- Sarah Palin¹’s long-awaited book “Going Rogue: An American Life” went on sale this week. The former governor of Alaska and 2008 running mate to Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been nothing short of a lightning rod for attention, and the release of her book has only further fueled the fire.

PHILIP MADDOCKS: God confirms he is just doing Lloyd Blankfein’s work - At a rare public appearance in lower Manhattan this week, God offered his strongest support to date for the unparalleled and "blessed" wealth accumulation at Goldman Sachs, reaffirming that He, the Almighty, was "just doing Lloyd Blankfein’s work."

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ELIZABETH DAVIES: Football commentators need some skills - I’ll admit it: Sometimes I don’t watch football purely for the love of the game. In fact, a lot of the time, I just want to hear ESPN commentator Chris Berman yell that someone just got “jacked up!” Or I’m listening for the ever-popular “He could … go … all … the … way!” that signals a big play. Lately, though, it seems like I could just as easily watch football with the mute button on.

WOOD ON WORDS: Judging the many meanings of the word ‘peer’ - The recent announcement that five Sept. 11 terrorist attack suspects would be moved from the Guantánamo detention center to be tried in New York City has caused quite a stir. One of the concerns of critics of the move was addressed in a political cartoon earlier in the week. Under the headline “By a jury of his peers?” was a jury box containing 10 caricatures of the chief defendant. In other words, such a person has no peers.

LORI KILCHERMANN: Use a computer, cotton swab to save a life - After leukemia began mercilessly sapping the life out of her young body, Joey Stott of Lena, Ill., knew she needed a miracle to survive. That miracle turned out to be Tom Wilhelm of Colorado. Tom had signed up as a marrow donor through, joining a growing registry of 12 million people willing to give a small piece of themselves to save the life of someone they have never met.

GARY BROWN: Child decides to write her own oath – “Ceci’s Oath,” it's titled. Essentially, the sum of the words is an e-mailed list of a young child¹s promises. Every oath should include a little wiggle room. And perhaps every child should take an oath, Ceci¹s grandmother suggested.

EDITORIAL: New breast cancer study ignores human element - For all the disagreement and debate over health care lately, it ought to be satisfying that many Americans can still find some common ground on which to unite. Unfortunately being united in confusion isn't necessarily a good thing. Such was the case earlier this week when a federal panel, the Preventive Services Task Force, issued a new set of recommendations for women on the type of screening they ought to undergo to test for breast cancer. An editorial from the Peoria Journal Star.


THANKSGIVING PRICES: Prices for Thanksgiving menu items have dropped - Turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and the rest of the traditional trimmings for a classic Thanksgiving dinner have dropped four percent in price this year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. By Sara Castellanos.

HR & GENETICS: Law keeps genetics out of personnel matters - SPRINGFIELD – Genetics is about to join race, religion, sex, color and national origin among workplace protections against discrimination. The Genetics Information Nondiscrimination Act, signed into law by President Bush in 2008, prohibits employers from discriminating based on genetic testing or history of workers or job applicants, including as part of health coverage. Civil rights, ethics and business groups say the change, which will take effect Saturday, is the most significant civil rights legislation since the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1991. By Tim Landis of the State Journal-Register.

TO LOCALIZE: Speak to civil rights group, ethicists at a local university and business groups in your area to gauge their opinions about this legislation.

HOLIDAY RECESSION: How will the economy affect holiday spending? -- How much money will you spend this year on holiday shopping? If you’re like many people, you’re feeling cautious about the economy, and that will affect your holiday spending.

To localize: Speak to families and retailers in your community. How are families saving money this holiday season? What actions are stores taking to attract consumers? Is your town changing its holiday celebrations in response to the recession? Speak to the area chamber of commerce.

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING: Study predicts a lean Christmas shopping season - Many shoppers are expected to gravitate to discounters and downplay gift-giving in favor of get-togethers as they try to keep spending under control this holiday season. Two-thirds of shoppers polled in a recent survey by BIGresearch on behalf of the National Retail Federation say the nation’s economic doldrums will throw a damper on their holiday spending plans. By Steve Adams.

- Localize it: add some local quotes, flavor; insert your state's info in 10th graph.

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FOOD PANTRIES: Area food pantries stretched by economy, families in need - The mention of the holiday season generates a rush of scents and tastes - stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, fresh-baked pies - and triggers memories of full bellies and warm homes. But according to local food pantries, those holiday traditions will be a struggle for many families this year as the economy has added extra strain on household incomes. By Melanie Graham.

- With photos

TO LOCALIZE: Check with your own food pantries to see if they need donations or expect a greater need this year.

Business / Ag

CONSUMER WATCH: Black Friday may be shtick, but it can still be a good deal -- Black Friday, our newest unofficial holiday, will dawn cold and cheap to thundering herds of price-crazed shoppers. At least that’s the hope of retailers. With the Christmas shopping season often fickle, they never know for sure. Black Friday is an example of media and commercial fabrication. It is not the busiest shopping day sales wise and pales to the day after Christmas.

DAVE RAMSEY: Weekly financial Q&A, with items on The Legacy Drawer and land purchases.

PAUL A. EISENSTEIN: Lexus introduces long-awaited LF-A -- The 2011 Lexus LF-A is powered by an all-new 4.8-liter V10 engine so sophisticated it’s built in the same limited-production plant that produces the engines for Toyota’s Formula One race cars. Featuring such track-ready technology as titanium valves, it can rev to a blinding 9,000 RPMs, and make 552

horsepower in the process.

SHOESTRING LIVING: Be thankful for the money you’ll save this Thanksgiving - This Thanksgiving, our budget is tighter than in years’ past, posing a big challenge to this entertaining junkie. I can’t bear the thought of running out of food. I struggle to say “no” to special décor and like to pull together recipes with way more ingredients than servings. This year, I’ll implement a few strategies to ensure that I stay within the entertaining budget and get to enjoy myself a bit, too. By Molly Logan Anderson.

BIZ BITS: Weekly business rail, with tips on a safe career, BBB advice on layaway and more.

CHECKOUT LANE: Inside options for a child’s winter birthday party - Fall and winter birthdays can limit outdoor party celebrations, so finding a good party venue for children is key. By Sara Castellanos.

- With photos

- Localize it: Talk to local party planners and owners of kids’ destination spots to get quotes, info.

FINE PRINT: Homebuyer tax credit extended, expanded - Congress just threw the beleaguered real estate industry a major lifeline, and a wide range of consumers will also benefit from the homebuyer tax credit extension and expansion. By The Patriot Ledger.

MAKING CENTS: New Year's resolution - don't wait - You've seen the decorations in the stores. That tells me that the year end is approaching, and there may be some last-minute financial moves worth considering. By John P. Napolitano.

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NASCAR PAGE: The white flag – some awards as the season enters its last lap. Note: We’ll have a final page next week, then we’ll take a break until next season.

WILD TURKEYS: Wild turkeys still flock to Thanksgiving tables - SPRINGFIELD – It may come as a surprise to some, but not all Thanksgiving turkeys come with a pop-up thermometer. The eastern wild turkey still has a place at the table – as it may have had during the first Thanksgiving celebration in 1621. One of the two written accounts of the first Thanksgiving includes a reference to wild turkeys in abundance around the Plymouth colony. Today, some hunters still insist on getting their turkey from the “great store” of wild turkeys in the Illinois woods instead of that other store with a freezer section. By Chris Young of the State Journal-Register.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATION: Weekly column from Eric Avidon leads with item on Michigan failing to gain relevance this year.