Virginia man arrested Monday in Littleton on attempted kidnapping charges

Betsy Levinson

A 32-year-old Virginia man was arrested Monday morning at the Littleton train station on charges of child endangerment and attempted kidnapping, police Lt. Matt King said.

King said the man, Daniel O’Brien, of 4307 Chamberlin Drive, Richmond, Va., allegedly began corresponding with a 12-year-old girl from Littleton.

“They made arrangements to meet in Littleton,” King said.

He said O’Brien rode north on a Greyhound bus and boarded a commuter rail to Littleton. King said he boarded the train in Concord, a few stops back from Littleton, identified the suspect, and sat two rows behind him.

“We intercepted him on the train,” said King, who was met by two Littleton detectives, Matt Pinard and Jeff Patterson, and two FBI agents.

King said the department had a photo of O’Brien for identification, and the man was arrested at the station.

O’Brien was set to be arraigned in Ayer District Court on Monday, King said.