Chazy Dowaliby: Get over yourself and think about others

Chazy Dowaliby

Nasty. Boorish. Hateful. Disgusting. Scary. Sordid. Shameful. Loud. Loutish. Intrusive. Disturbing.

Just plain rude!

When did the world lose any sense of appropriate behavior or common courtesy?

OK, so men don’t stand up when you enter or leave a room or hold doors or walk on the curb side of the pavement – call it equality.

People walk into church in garb better suited to cleaning out the garage than cleansing their souls. That’s ecumenical.

On our Web site we can barely keep up deleting tasteless, hurtful, racist or just plain mean comments. Free speech? Huh!

Driving has become a deadly game of rolling roulette – you never know when the loony riding your tail might just smash you off the road because you were only doing 70 in a 55-mph zone.

Then there is the endless assault of personal information we are bombarded with by loud, one-sided cell phone conversations.

Who in heaven’s name is everyone talking to all the time? And why do they insist on doing it right next to me?

Bad enough to hear what should be the most private details of someone’s domestic distress while shopping for discounts. But an all-new low came when a clueless diva put her cell phone on speaker so she could keep the conversation going while she plowed through a bin of bargain wallets.

Madame, have you no shame?

Didn’t it occur to you that your intrusion into everyone else’s lives is incredibly disrespectful?

Yes, you are “dissing” me by thinking that the world revolves around only you. Multiply all that disrespect by thousands of mindless acts a day and you have a world run amok.

Yes, we all have our self-centered moments. No one’s perfect. But no one’s totally im-perfect, either.

So the next time you’re playing shopping cart dodge ’ems, pounding the comment keypad, zipping blithely between lanes, or flipping that phone, take a breath and THINK. Think about one other person who might be affected by what you are doing.

It could make a world of difference.

To me, anyway.

Chazy Dowaliby, editor of The Patriot Ledger and The Enterprise, may be contacted quietly at