Abington food pantry needs help from the community

Mikaela Slaney

At the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, which operates out of St. Bridget’s Church in Abington, people have been stopping by consistently to help the needy by donating food, according food pantry director Paul Fournier.

And so far, we’ve given out 230 turkeys and baskets,” Fournier said. “Last year we gave out 165, so that’s news. That’s almost 35 percent more so far, and they’re still calling me. As usual, the community has responded, and one person just showed up and dropped off 15 turkeys. People have been dropping by giving me checks, turkeys, you name it.”

Students at Abington High School just completed their own food drive for Abington’s pantry, and dropped off a couple hundred pounds of food Tuesday morning, he added.

He said they also plan to hold food drives in the upcoming months.

The Frolio Middle School will be holding a food drive starting Nov. 30 he said.

The food pantry currently assists up to 40 families per week and 160 families per month, Fournier said.

“Multiply that by 12 months, that’s a lot of families,” he said. “And it’s growing. When I started five years ago it was 18 families per week.   Now we’re up to 40. If this didn’t already jump because of the economy, it’s still always growing.”

Fournier added local supermarkets Trucchi’s and Stop & Shop have been collecting food in bins and delivering the goods to St. Bridget’s Church every week.

And the St. Vincent de Paul membership, which is made up of 30 Catholic volunteers, as well as volunteers from several other churches, have been distributing the food regularly throughout the year.

“It’s not necessarily just for the holidays,” Fournier said. “During the holidays the people come out of the woodwork. It’s the regular week that’s the nitty-gritty. We’re open all year round, through the summer and winter. Constant. We finish Tuesday night and start all over Wednesday morning restocking the shelves.”

To donate or volunteer call Fournier at 781-878-1194.

Abington Mariner