Hynes unveils jobs plan in Rockford

Mike Wiser

Saying Illinois won’t be out of its recession until Rockford is “back on its feet,” gubernatorial candidate Dan Hynes announced a multipoint jobs program in the Forest City on Tuesday.  

Hynes, the state comptroller, is running for the Democratic nomination for governor. He’s one of four people seeking the job held by Pat Quinn, who also is running for the party’s nomination. The other two primary candidates are William “Dock” Walls III, a director of a Chicago nonprofit agency, and Ed Scanlan, a Chicago-area attorney.

Flanked by members of local labor unions, Hynes said Rockford wouldn’t be back on its feet until “everyone who wants to work can find a job.”

It’s a tall order with unemployment near 16 percent in the city.

And Hynes couldn’t say how long it would be. Instead, he said, if elected he would put into action an economic recovery plan he called “A Clean Start,” parts of which rely on giving tax credits and incentives to spur small business and manufacturing growth.

For example, Hynes would defer state taxes for up to three years for certain startup businesses, allow the sale of tax credits by start up businesses to help the raise capital and rewrite state regulations so it takes less time and costs less to get state regulatory permits.

Hynes said some of the ideas in his plan have been talked about before but never carried out to their full advantage, or even monitored to “see what works and what doesn’t.”

The elimination of those that aren’t working, Hynes said, will help pay for the ones that are.

“Right now we have $7 billion in programs that allow tax credits on the books,” he said. “We’ll have enough there to pay for what we need to do.”

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