Critic's Cupboard: Athens Dessert Tartlets

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Mount Shasta Herald

9-piece package. Four varieties. $4.

Jennifer Mastroianni: Everybody needs some holiday dessert cheaters in their freezer. As in some already made yummies to pull out in case visitors drop by or to use as filler when your homemade desserts are not as plentiful as you planned.

Here’s a tip: Stock up on Athens' new tartlets. I invited a group of four gal pals over to taste test them, and everyone gave them a big thumbs up.

The tartlets come in a graham-flavored phyllo shell and are available in apple streusel, raspberry almond, strawberry white chocolate and turtle caramel.

No assembly or baking involved. All you have to do is let them thaw 10-15 minutes before serving. The desserts are available nationwide in Wal-Mart freezer sections through Christmas.

Janice loved the turtle caramel tartlet, saying it reminded her of pecan pie.

Shalmers thought the strawberry white chocolate tartlet, which has a bright pink filling, would be too sweet and taste artificial. Instead, she was thrilled with the authentic strawberry filling and sprinkling of white chocolate chips.

Kathleen was all over the raspberry almond, and loved that there is no prep work to speak of.

Kyle was impressed by the quality of ingredients and the taste and texture of the new graham-infused phyllo shell.

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