Milton firefighter critical after Quincy shooting

Jack Encarnacao

A second-generation firefighter from Quincy is fighting for his life after a man shot him in the abdomen in a sudden attack police believe was sparked by road rage.

Joseph Fasano, 30, was in critical condition at Boston Medical Center on Sunday after undergoing surgery. His girlfriend was traveling with him in the passenger seat when the shooting occurred.

Fasano, a Milton native, has been a Milton firefighter since 2005, following in the footsteps of his father, John, a retired lieutenant in the department.

“A very good firefighter, a very well-liked kid,” Milton Fire Chief John Grant said of Fasano.

Milton Selectmen Chairman John Shields called Fasano “a personable young man.”

“Everyone’s just kind of holding their breath and saying a little prayer hoping he’s OK,” Shields said.

The shooting occurred two years after another member of Milton’s fire department suffered a traumatic injury. In July 2007, firefighter Antonio Picks suffered injuries that confined him to a wheelchair after an alleged drunken driver smashed into him as Picks helped a driver who had been in a minor accident across from the fire station.

Quincy police are still hunting for Fasano’s shooter, described as a white male wearing a black knit cap.

The shooting occurred shortly before midnight Saturday on a ramp at the corner of Hancock Street and Commander Shea Boulevard.

Quincy police Lt. Jeffrey Burrell said the shooter, driving a silver sports car, was ahead of Fasano in traffic and began stopping and accelerating repeatedly, which police call a “brake job.”

“Eventually that vehicle stopped,” Burrell said. “The victim got out of the vehicle and approached the suspect, who got out of the vehicle, fired the gunshot and then disappeared. It sounded like this whole thing lasted a minute, if that.”

The shooter got back into his car after firing and drove away.

Burrell said it was not entirely clear whether Fasano or the shooter got out of his car first, or whether another confrontation occurred before the incident in traffic.

The victim’s SUV, a white Jeep Cherokee, was recovered by police and did not have any front-end damage.

Burrell said Fasano’s girlfriend, who also lives in Quincy, was “hysterical” at the scene and had yet to give police an in-depth interview as of early Sunday evening. No other witnesses had come forward to police.

“The victim of course is unable to give us anything,” Burrell said. “All I know is what we’ve been told by the passenger.”

Fasano’s girlfriend remained in the car when he and the shooter stepped out, Burrell said.

Police responding to a 911 call found Fasano on the ground, along with a shell casing from a .45 caliber gun.

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