Dunsmuir extends medical marijuana dispensary moratorium

Ami Ridling

The Dunsmuir City Council voted unanimously during a special meeting last week to extend the moratorium for 100 days on the issuance of medical marijuana dispensary business licenses.

The council initially adopted a 45-day moratorium on the issuance of these business licenses on Nov. 10. At that meeting, the council decided to form a special committee to devise a list of appropriate regulations for medical marijuana establishments. The regulations would then go before the city council for approval.

The special committee is comprised of mayor Peter Arth, city council member Kathay Edmondson, planning commission chairperson Bob O’Connor and community members Patricia Hill and Rea Lucia.

By the time the original moratorium expired, the group had not yet completed a draft of the proposed regulations. Hence the moratorium extension was imposed to give the special committee more time to decide on regulatory measures.

With the extension, the city has until March 22 to decide upon regulations for the establishments.