Bears Quick Shots: Angelo needs to take hard line with Bears’ blockers

Matt Trowbridge

Remember when Jerry Angelo was “fixated” on fixing the quarterback position, then traded for Jay Cutler. How about being “fixated” on excellence. Quick Shots thinks Angelo makes too many excuses for his offensive line moves. He told that the only thing wrong with 2008 No. 1 draft pick Chris Williams and free-agent left guard Frank Omiyale last week were their penalties. “Their play overall was good, but it was overshadowed by the penalties,” Angelo said.

Williams has surrendered seven of the Bears 26 sacks this year and been called for a team-high eight penalties, three last week alone. Omiyale has done nothing all year — except wipe out a 21-yard Jay Cutler scramble with a holding penalty last week — and the Bears rank dead last in the NFL in rushing.

No-win situation

Many of the same reporters who think Ron Turner should be fired think Jay Cutler should stick up for Turner. When asked if he would tell management to keep Turner, Cutler answered: “That’s not my job.”

He’s right. Yet the same reporters asked Turner if it bothered him that Cutler didn’t issue a vote of confidence after Turner has “stood by” Cutler through his 22 interceptions.

“That’s not his position to,” Turner said. “That puts him in a tough spot. Jay and I have a good relationship. We talk all the time. I have a lot of confidence in him and, hopefully, he feels the same way.”

If I’m Cutler, I don’t feel the same way. But I act the same way. I say nothing, whether I want a change or not. It’s not his position.

Chicken or the egg?

Are the coaches Chicago’s biggest problem? Or is it the players? Devin Hester wouldn’t give the answer, but he said the players are the ones who ultimately control whether the spotlight is positive or negative.

“As players, we’ve got to go out and do our job,” said Hester, who added that he expects Chicago to make many changes this offseason. “Regardless if you have good coaching or bad coaching, if the players step up and make plays and you have a good game, coaches don’t fall in the mix of bad coaches. But when the player in not performing the way they should or we’re losing games, it all falls back on either the players or the coaches.”

Playing for their NFL lives

At 5-8, the Bears are no longer playing for the playoffs. But they may be playing for their careers. “When things are going bad,” Devin Hester said, “somebody that you least expect is the one who is gone. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. All I can do is make sure that I’m in the right position and I’m still around. I have to make sure that when I’m up at the plate, I’d better hit it.”

Right tackle Kevin Shaffer said that if the Bears “lay down” now, they may never get a chance to play again. “Whenever you put that (game) film on, people don’t look at what was their record or was that person hurt?” Shaffer said. “When you evaluate a guy, you look at the tape, just like any other game. Any time you’ve got a chance to get on film, you’ve got to give the best you’ve got.”

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