Jerry Moore: Let’s demilitarize the war on Christmas

Jerry Moore

The Freedom From Religion Foundation called Wheaton officials on the carpet this year for offering sectarian prayers before City Council meetings.

I’ve never covered the meeting of a public body in which a prayer was recited beforehand. Why would a municipal government invoke the guidance of a deity? Wouldn’t this be an abandonment of its secular nature?

As it turns out, Wheaton isn’t alone. Addison, Batavia, St. Charles, Villa Park and West Chicago also offer such prayers.

It’s beyond doubt that Americans are among the most religious people in the world. However, it’s inappropriate for them to expect government entities to reflect their theological views.

It has gotten worse. Now they’re insisting that private corporations mirror their personal religious convictions, as well.

Some people are calling for a boycott of companies whose employees wish them “happy holidays” rather than “merry Christmas.” They see this as an escalation of the annual war on Christmas, and they’re gearing up for a holy battle.

This is a sad indication of the depth to which some people’s logic has degenerated. They’re staging a counteroffensive against big-box sales associates who won’t affirm their beliefs.

This is supposed to be a time of universal peace. But some zealots want to make themselves look like holiday mercenaries rather than joyful Christians.

It’s silly that some companies set policies regarding how employees can greet customers. Although some people don’t observe Christmas, we’ll all experience it in some way. I can’t see a good-natured Christmas greeting by a cashier causing much of an uproar.

But the call for a boycott is absurd. A company is there to sell you merchandise, not save your soul. Get over it.

If everyone approached this holiday as wisemen, more rationally and graciously, we’d all be happier. So, from me and mine to you and yours, Reason’s Greetings!

Jerry Moore is the opinions editor for Suburban Life Publications. He can be reached at (630) 368-8930