New England budget 12.22.09

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New England budget 12.22.09

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FAHRENHEIT 451: Graphic novel version of 'Fahrenheit 451' has the right spark - We’re basically living in Ray Bradbury’s imagined world now. Even those particularly familiar with this author are acting out all the permutations of his visions. By Margaret Smith.


O’MAHONEY CARTOON: On Christmas giving.

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EDITORIAL: Slight progress in Copenhagen - The results out of Copenhagen don't come close to what is required, what was hoped for, or even what some of those closest to the process thought was possible just a few months ago. The comfort the final agreement brings is small, but real: Things could have ended much worse. By MetroWest Daily News.

WENDY MURPHY: ABC apology in Woods story was pathetic - What Rachel Uchitel (of Tiger Wood fame) did isn't funny, but what her lawyer did - by demanding an apology - is hysterical.  Here’s hoping ABC at least got her to promise them the first television interview with Uchitel in exchange for its pathetically groveling mea culpa.

MARC MUNROE DION: Christmas carols for our age - It’s Christmas and, as the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time to drink beer.” As you can see, I gotta problem with Christmas music. So here are my rewritten Christmas carols.


BULKHEAD: Barnstable bulkhead to be restored - A year and nine months after the Barnstable Harbor bulkhead collapsed in a heavy rainstorm, a solution has been found to fund the necessary permanent repairs to the well-used harbor. By Jen Ouellette.


NUKE REVIEW: Court rejects states’ request for nuclear review - A federal appeals court has refused a request by Massachusetts and two other states to force the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to declare spent fuel pools at nuclear power plants a serious environmental threat. By The Ledger.

SOLDIER HOME: Randolph veteran returns from Iraqi tour just in time for holidays - While his parents took to serving the community – volunteering their time for Pop Warner football or South Shore Day Care - Justin Carson devoted his time to serving his country. At 24, the army sergeant returned from a tour in Iraq a month ago. By Lauren DeFilippo.

SOLDIERS AND HOLIDAYS: Not home for the holidays: Tackling the effects of war - The song made popular by Perry Como tells us that “there’s no place like home for the holidays.” Hadley Johnson, bookseller and impromptu hostess of Cornerstone Books’ fundraising event for Danvers-based Operation Troop Support last Saturday afternoon, knows this lyrical concept all too well. By Sarah Phelan.

HEIMLICH HERO: 'The guy saved my life' - Rockland student performs Heimlich on friend - Rogers Middle School eighth-graders Devan Dupuis and Ian Garland have been pretty good friends for about three years. But that friendship has grown stronger since Devan saved Ian’s life last week. By Seth Jacobson.


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