A season of lights

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
The holiday lighting at Super Duper Day Care placed second in the Commercial category of the contest put on by the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce.

Winners in Dunsmuir’s 2009 holiday lighting contest have been announced.

In the Commercial category, first place went to Cave Springs at 4727 Dunsmuir Avenue, while second place went to a first-year business, Super Duper Day Care at 4110 Branstetter St., and third place went to The French Nest at 4202 Ash Street.

A dazzling and animated display at Donna Gooch’s home on Snow St. took first place in the Residential category, followed by second place winners Bruce and Bonnie Riggs, whose home is located around the corner on Dunsmuir Avenue. The third place winner was Charlotte Previati, whose house can be found between the two on Branstetter St.

Honorable Mentions in the Commercial Category include:

Boxcar Gallery and  Dunsmuir Mercantile on Sacramento Avenue, Manfredi’s Food and Gas Depot, Morgan Manor, Pacific Crest Computer, Pizza Factory, and the Pine Street Centennial Park, decorated by the Dunsmuir Garden Club, all located on Dunsmuir Avenue.

Homes awarded Honorable Mentions include, from south to north, 304 Riverwood Lane,  584 So. 1st St.,   403 So. 2nd St., 101 Bridge St., 6109 and 6116 Butterfly Ave., 4118 Grover St., 4112 Edyth St., 6209 Sacramento Ave., and  5505, 5427, 5341 and 4112 Shasta St. In northern Dunsmuir, 4021 Prospect St.

First place winners will receive a $50 check donated by Better Homes Realty, Coldwell Bankers-Chris Kutzkey Realtors and Mountain Top Real Estate, all of Dunsmuir.

Judging was done by present and past Chamber of Commerce board members, as well as some present Chamber members. 

“We know that we did not see many beautiful displays and we hope all businesses and homes will call in next year and give us their addresses,” said Chamber president Barbara Cross.