Yreka DUI Checkpoint Scheduled for New Year's Eve

Staff reports

As part of the the "Avoid the 9" campaign, the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department has announced that it will be setting up a DUI checkpoint in Yreka this evening from 8 to 10 p.m. on Highway 3 and Juniper.

Captain John Villani of the Sherrif's Dept. explained that, in addition to the checkpoint, the county's eight local law enforcement agencies, as well as CHP (hence the name of the program), will be implementing "saturation patrols" throughout the county.  This means that extra officers will be on duty through Jan. 4 at midnight.

VIllani said that, as of yesterday, 15 arrests have been made since the program began on Dec. 18.  "We're up four arrest from last year at this time," he noted.

"The idea behind the grant is twofold:  We want to be able to have more law enforcement available, as well as discourage the public from drinking and driving," said Villani. 

DUI statistics show that the year end holiday periosd is among the deadliest season of the year.

"If you are gathering with family or friends, don't drink and drive.  Plan for a designated driver," said Villani.