Dunsmuir artist to see her work on July 4th t-shirts

Skye Kinkade
Shery Larson, of Dunsmuir, was the winner of the 2010 Mount Shasta Fourth of July t-shirt contest. Her logo, featuring the Bleeding Heart flower in front of Mt. Shasta, will be featured on the t-shirts for the 31st annual run/walk.

By Skye Kinkade

Shery Larson, this year’s winner of the Mount Shasta Fourth of July t-shirt contest, is no stranger to creating wearable art.

Not only did she used to make a living as a fashion artist, she was also the most recent winner of the 2010 Dunsmuir Railroad Days t-shirt competition.

“I’ve been an artist my whole life,” Larson said, in both electronic media and traditional art techniques, such as watercolor and photography.

Her depiction of the Bleeding Heart flower spilling over a circular logo in front of the mountain was selected by public vote and three local artists — including past t-shirt contest winners Kim Solga, Debbie Blackwell and Pam Sexton — as the design for the 31st annual Fourth of July Walk/Run in Mount Shasta. This was the first time the public was given an opportunity to weigh in on the t-shirt.

Though there was some controversy about who the official winner of the contest was (the design originally voted as first place was created by an artist who no longer lives in Siskiyou County, which is one of the requirements stated in the contest rules) Larson said she’s happy about her win.

“It’s very exciting,” she said. “It’s going to be great to see that many people wearing my art on their chest.”

Larson said she started out as a fashion artist for a department store chain, and became an editorial artist for the Sacramento Bee and the Record Searchlight. She has lived in Dunsmuir since the early 1980s, and still contracts for companies such as Metro Creative Graphics out of New York.

Her art has been featured on Railroad Days t-shirts five times. She has also created shirts made for the Montague Balloon Faire in the past.

“I have a history of doing t-shirts for events,” Larson said. “I enjoy doing them very much.”

Larson has some of her work, including photography, digital art and watercolor, displayed at Dunsmuir Brewery Works and at the Box Car Gallery in Dunsmuir.

On the Fourth, Larson said she’ll be attending the Run/Walk, as she has many years before.

Larson will receive $500 in cash for her win, six t-shirts and a sweatshirt.

The second place winner, Glen Jefries, whose design concept featured Siskiyou Fireweed as the indigenous flower, will receive $250.

Dunsmuir artist Shery Larson's design was chosen for the 2010 Mount Shasta Fourth of July t-shirt.