Forest Service cleaning up marijuana sites on public lands

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

A marijuana site cleanup took place on the Shasta Lake District of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest on April 7, 2010.

Forest personnel worked throughout the day to clean up litter from abandoned Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) marijuana sites, according to a press release from Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

STNF reported that a helicopter was used to transport large amounts of trash, hose, propane tanks, insecticides and other waste from the marijuana sites to then be properly disposed of.

 “The forest is conducting these procedures to ensure the safety of forest visitors and agency employees,” Shasta-Trinity National Forest patrol captain Chad Krogstad said.

In the past six months STNF says its personnel have initiated and completed clean-up on two DTO sites on the Mount Shasta Ranger District and three sites on the Shasta Lake Ranger District.

Some of the garbage has been packed out on foot, hauled away in vehicles, and flown out of remote sites by helicopters. At one site personnel collected around 300 pounds of trash, four miles of hose, three propane tanks and one gallon of insecticide, according to the press release.

“The Forest Service will continue to work with our partners at the federal, state and local levels to address the use of public lands to grow marijuana illegally,” said Kristy Cottini, STNF Shasta Lake District Ranger. “This is something we take very seriously that can have negative effects on fish and wildlife habitats, as well as other legitimate uses of National Forest system lands.”

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