5 Things to Do This Weekend (April 16-18)

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Mount Shasta Herald

At the movies

It’s an adult-themed weekend at the movies: The two big movies opening Friday are both rated R. If you have older kids or are looking for a night out, both of these comedies look to be winners: “Kick-Ass” and “Death at a Funeral.” You might not want to even mention the latter film’s title if you have youngsters, but it’s a superhero flick starring Aaron Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Chloë Grace Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. “Death at a Funeral” features a host of stars, including Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, Danny Glover, Regina Hall and Luke Wilson.

Branch out

Saturday is Ellis Island Family History Day, so why not start a family project where you trace your roots as far back as you can? The kids will get a great history lesson, and you might even learn something yourself. You can even create a fun family tree that looks like a tree. If you know your ancestors came through Ellis Island or think they might have, you can find information at

It’s playoff time

The NHL and NBA playoffs start this week, so get ready for a full weekend of super-meaningful games. The NHL playoffs start Wednesday, and basketball starts Sunday. Find schedules, news and more at the leagues’ official Web sites, and

It’s the man’s turn

If you’re a married man, Saturday should be your favorite day of the year – it’s Husband Appreciation Day! You might have to prove to your wife that it really is that day (Google it), but hopefully the end result is you being appreciated for all the things you do around the house and for your family. Perhaps you could even take advantage of the above-mentioned sports broadcasts and sit and watch sports all day. Just don’t overdo it and demand constant beer and snack deliveries. …

Award season is back

Suffering from award-show withdrawal? You’re in luck – Sunday night is the 45th annual Academy of Country Music Awards. The show honors the best performers in country music (as you might have guessed from the name of the show), and there will be plenty of on-stage excitement this year. Reba McEntire hosts the show that kicks off at 8 EDT on CBS. For information on nominees and more, go to the official site,

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