Weed Chamber projects moving toward completion

Stephanie Shaver
Monica Zinda and Stephanie Shaver working on Weed Chamber of Commerce events board between the storms last fall, 2009. The project is moving toward completion.

The Weed Chamber of Commerce commissioned artist Monica Zinda to install a Wild Flower Mosaic at the Weed Visitor Center in 2009.

The project began last fall with reconstruction of the events board to hold the mosaic installation through the windy storms that Weed so often receives.

Local contractor John Monks rebuilt the back board and strengthened the connections to the posts, keeping in mind the wind gusts that the board would be faced against throughout the years to come.

Zinda has been a professional tile contractor and mosaic design artist for years. She has installed many outdoor mosaic pieces in a multitude of locations through out California, her experience and design elements are a beautiful addition to the Weed Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center.

The events board used to be the home of a portrait of Abner Weed, the founder of the once small lumber town.  The painting had been weather worn, so the Weed Chamber of Commerce decided that it was time to relocate the portrait, and what better a place than at the Weed Historical Lumber Town Museum.

The museum was happy to receive the portrait and they have had the 11 foot painting refurbished by mural artist Daryl Brooks.

To learn more about the history of Weed stop by the museum which is located at 303 Gilman Avenue, behind Tri Counties bank. They have a wonderful collection, and the volunteers that maintain the museum are a wonderful bunch that always have a story to tell.

Zinda was able to finish the mosaic installation late last fall, despite the oncoming winter storms and windy days. She installed the mosaic with help from the Weed Building Supply and Rental Center, who contributed one of their three tier scaffolding units for Zinda to use during the process.

Winter came quick in 2009 and the rest of the project had to be delayed until this spring. Zinda was seen on the scaffolding between the storms that were beginning to roll into town. As soon as the wind gave out, and a bit of sunshine peeked through, Zinda was up and climbing that scaffolding.

The top half of the events board, which Weed Chamber president Brenda Woods is painting herself, will be installed soon with the help of local contractor Howard Gubetta.

Steve Hart with Signs of Life has been very involved with the project, as he paints and maintains the events signs year after year. Signs of Life is a wonderful business with quality work that the Weed Chamber of Commerce is proud to display.

There is one slot open on the events board, if you are a member of the Weed Chamber there is no rental fee, and Signs of Life will make the event sign and maintain it for seven years at a flat rate of $175.

If your business or event is not a member of the chamber you may still rent a slot for $50 a year. This is a great time to get your annual event posted on the new beautiful events board.

The Weed Chamber of Commerce is excited to host a celebration of the events board at the Weed Visitor Center on Saturday, May 1 from 2 to 4 p.m.; light snacks and drinks will be available. 

The entire community is encouraged to come out and see what the Weed Chamber of Commerce is doing at the Weed Visitor Center.

The Main Street Pride Group will be starting the makeover of town and are hoping to begin the ground breaking on the same day.

Main Street Pride is a community based project and community involvement is encouraged, call the Weed Chamber at 938-4624, or Weed Revitalization Coalition at 938-3229 for details on how to get involved.

The Weed Chamber of Commerce is excited to see that Downtown Weed and its businesses, citizens, organizations, and the city are all working together to beautify Historic Downtown Weed.

The Weed Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center is located at 34 Main Street in Weed, right by the Weed Arch. Contact the chamber staff to reserve a slot for your annual event on the new Wild Flower Events Board by calling 938-4624.