Lost class ring found by tree-farm dog

Staff reports

Hannah Butts of East Sparta, Ohio, is thankful a young Dachshund named Forest likes to scour the ground.

Butts claimed a class ring that Forest found on Gus Ruetenik’s tree farm in Zoar and deposited on his owner’s porch. The ring held the initials of Butts, who had worked at the tree farm during the Christmas season.

A student at Stark State College of Technology, she was unaware she lost the ring and thought it was at home. Butts played quad drums in the high school band, and the word “percussion” was engraved on the ring.

Her aunt, Teresa Snyder, read the story about Forest’s finds in Sunday’s Times-Reporter, and contacted her niece.

Longtime tree farmer Ruetenik, 86, said Butts, in gratitude, offered to work a day for free and was glad her ring was found.

As for Forest, he still is on duty taking all the treasures he finds back to his master, who rewards him with a treat.