5 Things to Do This Weekend (April 23-25)

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Mount Shasta Herald

At the movies

For families wanting to head to the theaters, there’s more to offer this week: “Oceans,” a G documentary that’s being released on Earth Day, “The Back-Up Plan,” a PG-13 romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez, and “The Losers,” a PG-13 adapted-comic book movie. The PG-13 flicks might be too much for grade-schoolers, but “Oceans” looks to be a fun romp through the oceans in the vein of “Planet Earth.” If you’d rather have a movie night at home, don’t forget that “Avatar” comes out on DVD this week.

All the world’s a stage

Friday is the observed birthday of Shakespeare (no one knows when his true birthday is), and there are many ways to celebrate the Bard: You could go to a theater and watch one of his plays, you could rent a movie based on one of his works, you could go to the library or bookstore and check out some books (and don’t forget that there are many great kid-centric Shakespeare books) or you could go to a museum that has artwork based on Shakespeare’s characters. The world’s your stage this weekend, so get creative and celebrate the man who’s considered the greatest writer in the English language.

The playoffs continue

This weekend is another big one for sports, as the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League are in the midst of the playoffs. Head down to your local sports bar to catch the fun, or invite some sports-loving buddies over for a watching party. Check out schedules, news and more on the official sites, and And don’t forget that baseball and soccer season are now in full swing. Find schedules and more at their respective sites, and

Look, up in the sky …

Saturday is National Go Birding Day, and birding is as easy as going to the park to look for birds – or even just going to your backyard! If you want to really get into it and/or teach your children about birds, grab a pair of binoculars, a bird book and head to a woody area. If you live near a state or national park, even better – the variety of birds to be found generally is quite expansive. There are many good online bird sites, too, to help you identify what you’ve seen, and one of the best is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology site,

Look, up in the night sky …

Saturday also is Astronomy Day, a date designed to get people interested in the skies. Some places are holding special events for the day, so check the newspaper for listings or go to And if you’re lucky, you might get to see the tail end of the Lyrids Meteor Shower. The best viewing dates are April 21 and 22, but you still might be able to see some through the 25th.

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