Former city councilor’s drug sentencing continued

Skye Kinkade

Former Mount Shasta city council member Katrina Howard’s felony sentencing was continued until June during a hearing at the Siskiyou County Superior Court on Tuesday, April 20, 2010.

Thomas Kolkey, the lawyer of Howard’s co-defendant, Jules Unger, claimed that he did not receive the probation report in a timely manner, and requested that sentencing be continued.

Deputy District Attorney Martha Aker indicated that the prosecution was agreeable to this, and Judge Karen Dixon complied with the request. Dixon then set an evidentiary and sentencing hearing for June 9, 2010.

Both Howard and Unger were ordered to be present at that time.

Howard pled guilty to two drug related felonies in March as part of a plea bargain. The charges stem from an undercover drug operation at Mount Shasta High School in the late months of 2008. Howard, now 42, and Unger, 21, were arrested in January 2009.

Howard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit a crime and possession of marijuana for sale with the special allegation of being armed with a firearm. Her maximum sentence would be five years in state prison with three years parole, however probation was not ruled out as a possibility. She will also be required to register as a narcotics offender.